End of the World - You, Me and the Apocalypse
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Gaines, Scotty, Rhonda, and Leanne escape the military complex and get on the plane. Spike and Rashesh are there. They are going to Sutton's bunker in Slough.  

In Windsor, Frankie hears a voice telling her to find Paula. Paula and Dave are getting married in Slough. Celine is happy because her vision of God told her that they will all be in heaven, and she will see Jude. Frankie find them and tells them about Jamie. On their way to the bank, Frankie tells Celine that she is pregnant. They rescue Jamie, and they all drive to find Layla.

Ariel tells Layla that Frankie went to the bunker. She realizes that he is Ariel, crashes the car, and escapes. Jamie finds her. The plane carrying Rhonda's group crashes. Rhonda kills a stranger to take his truck. 

The bridge across the river collapsed, just as Jamie arrived. Jamie commands the Thames to part, and they all walk across. Scotty doesn't want to go to the bunker, but Rhonda and Gaines bring him inside anyway. The door to the bunker won't close, and Rashesh sacrifices himself to close the door with the truck. Jamie and the group arrives. Jamie stays behind to help Rashesh, then goes into the bunker. At the end, it's revealed that at the last minute, Ariel took Jamie's clothes and went into the bunker, leaving Jamie and Rashesh outside as the world ends. 

You, Me and the Apocalypse
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You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Woah, have I become the voice of reason now? Marriage has changed me.


Last night, I was very drunk in the toilet of the pub, and I had the most incredible experience.