Jamie Suffers a Tragedy - You, Me and the Apocalypse
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In the bunker, there is a woman and a man we've never seen before, along with the monkey.

19 days earlier. The woman and the man, Doctor Samuel, are in a bunker under the woman's estate. The two mysterious goons arrive with Ariel. The doctor tests his blood to make sure it's clean. The woman tells Ariel she is his grandmother and needs clean blood from her family members. She's been pretending to be dead. Ariel is seen speaking to someone in his head. The grandmother is just about to have Ariel killed when Ariel says that he knows about Jamie's daughter. He says he will find the girl in exchange for a place in the bunker. 

Jamie and Dave arrive back in Slough. "Good to be back right? I'll take that as a maybe." Jamie goes back to work at the bank. Mary was preaching about Jamie outside, but gets hit by a ton of bricks and dies. Father Jude sees the video of Mary dying, and he and Celine go to see Jamie at the graveyard. Jude confesses that he is Jamie's father. He met Mary when he was 18, panicked when she got pregnant and left. Jamie is angry at Jude for leaving, and goes to sign up for an experimental drug called Nocturnapram, which lets people live without sunlight for two years. Jude, Celine, Paula, and Dave come to stop him when Celine discovers that he's married to Layla, realizing that Jamie has a daughter. Paula convinces Jamie to get out of the lab, and Jamie is now going to search for his daughter.

Rhonda breaks into her own house in Virginia, but her neighbors call the police on her. Spike hacked into the phones and hears the call. Rhonda hides in an abandoned school, where Spike finds her. The cops arrive, but Scotty places a fake 911 call to make the police leave. They all go to a cabin in Virginia. General Gaines arrives, and is angry that Scotty is placing himself at risk by helping Rhonda. Gaines decides to cut ties with Scotty to ensure that the bunker plan goes through. 

You, Me and the Apocalypse
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You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Go on, Father. Have a finger.


Jamie: I'm angry with myself, because I've wasted my life.
Professor Lot: Okay, I'm just going to check the "want to help others" box.