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Once again, we see Jamie at the end of the world in the bunker. This time, there is a little girl hitting the couch with a severed leg.

Rhonda and Leanne are trying to find a way to get to Spike before Ariel does. Rhonda gets caught by an owner of a house they were sneaking around, and Leanne ditches her. Rhonda befriends the man (named Buddy), who reveals that he likes to wear women's clothing. Rhonda calls Scotty and asks him to check on her husband. She tries to call Spike but he doesn't answer. Buddy sees that Rhonda is wanted as a national security threat on the television, and calls the cops on her. The cops arrive, but it's actually Leanne dressed up like a cop. She tazers Rhonda and they both escape. Leanne proposes that they team up and look out for each other, and Rhonda agrees. 

Jamie and Dave are still locked up in the bathroom, and the woman (Skye) demands an apology from Jamie, mistaking him for Ariel. Her water suddenly breaks, and Jamie offers to help her if she unchains them. Jamie and Dave help Skye deliver the baby, and Skye gives Jamie information about his birth mother, Mary. She shows him Mary's room, which has a model replica of Slough in a recreation of the Rapture. The model includes baby Jamie abandoned in the car park, and four horsemen. Skye tells Jamie that Mary is in a psychiatric clinic in Scotland. 

Father Jude and Sister Celine travel from Rome to Warsaw to investigate a false messiah, who is actually a little girl named Jane Doe wearing a giraffe costume. Outside the hospital are a mob of people chanting Jane Doe. Jane Doe is six years old and was in a car crash. She was pronounced dead when she arrived at the hospital, but after the apocalypse was announced, she was heard screaming. Jane Doe is only willing to talk to Celine, and tells her that she hears a voice. The voice told her about Sister Sophia's death, and also tells her that they will see four horses, all part of the plan. She gives Celine a drawing with her address on it. Jane Doe's mom turns oiut to be Layla. Jude offers to help them escape the mob. They all sneak out and make it back to the airplane. 

Spike is living with his biological father Tim in Louisiana. Tim drops Spike's phone into the septic tank and hits Spike. Ariel shows up and tells him that Rhonda sent him. They leave, and Ariel tells Spike that he wants help in getting Face Chaser, a facial recognition software from the NSA. He's looking for Layla.

Scotty and General Gaines are trying to implement Operation Savior in Virginia. Scotty visits Rhonda's husband, Rajesh, at the hospital, but discovers that he is being watched. Scotty has doubts about lying to everyone about the operation and the secret bunker. Gaines tells Scotty to stop helping Rhonda. Gaines and Scotty are in a relationship. 

In the psychiatric clinic, everything is sealed off and two people arrive in biohazard suits. They pick up files on Rhonda, Ariel, Jamie, and Jude. Mary wants the two people to find them all.

You, Me and the Apocalypse
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You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Jamie: We can't deliver a baby!
Dave: Yes, we can! Positive mental attitude.
Jamie: I think it takes a little more training!

Buddy: This is me. Just a regular Joe who likes to wear pantyhose. Does that bother you?
Rhonda: No, not at all.
Buddy: In that case, do you mind if I go change?