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Joe and Beck's relationship is going smoothly. Joe hates having to spend time with her friends. Annika is the friend in who likes Joe the most. When he sees a pic of Peach pre nose job on Annika'a FB, he encourages her to post it.

Beck's professor puts her in contact with a literary agent after her red ladle poem.

Joe and Beck's date night is ruined when Annika calls in crisis because a video is leaked of her saying something inappropriate.

Joe stalks Peach

Peach offers to throw a party at Mooney's to introduce Beck to a top literary agent.

Joe catches Paco researching juvenile punishment. He warns him about doing anything against Ron and tells him his own experience.

Joe steals Peach's laptop and meets up with Annika to get information out of her. Beck calls to tell him that Peach is at his apartment going through his stuff looking for her laptop. Joe goes there and puts doubts in Peach's head.

He tells Beck about overhearing a conversation between Peach and the literary agent. He and Beck argue and Beck leaves.

Joe goes to Peach's apartment where he hid her laptop and cracks her passcode. It's her nickname for Beck. He finds a file with tons of pictures of Beck that are obsessive and concluded that Peach is a stalker.

The literary agent makes a move and sexually harassed Beck. Beck confronts Peach about it, especially after he confirms what Joe said.

Peach later calls Beck claiming she took pills and is attempting suicide. Beck and Joe rush over to help. Joe finds her diary and sees that she's faking it and Peach let's him know that she is. Beck tells Joe that it isnt the first time Peach tried to kill herself and that she talked her off the ledge often. Peach talks Beck into staying with her.

Joe follows Peach while she's jogging and hits her with a rock. He thinks he killed her and runs away. When he gets home Ron is on the hallway floor. Paco gave him pills.

Joe tries to help Ron puke them up, and when Ron comes to he starts beating Joe. Paco is scared. After, while Joe is still laying on the floor bloodied, he gets a call from Beck who tells him Peach is at the ER and has been attacked. She's still alive.

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YOU Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Beck: Ron and Claudia again? Can't you say something?
Joe: I don't like to mess with other people's lives.

Were you watching me sleep? Creeper.