And I'm OK With That - YOU Season 2 Episode 7
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There is a strange man at love's house who knows where the key is.

She's in her house making out with him when Joe goes to investigate.

He finds out the guy is James best friend Milo.

Forty doesn't like the guy and feels he was an opportunist who went after her when James died. Forty stirs the pot and gets Joe jealous of Milo.

Forty, Ellie, and Delilah try to get him to date. He joins a dating app and goes on disastrous dates with weird people.

Joe stalks Milo when he goes on a run but gets caught by Love's guru friend gabe.

Gabe is like ahuman lie detector and Joe can't lie to him. Gabe gives Joe some new age therapy session with acupuncture. Joe taps into his feelings and what motivates him his past and he cries.

Ellie makes a deal to work with Forty on his movie. She is already well prepared to be an assistant.

Delilah stops by to tell Joe that she is getting published in Variety.

Joe is still sick from his juice cleanse with Gabe and pukes on her and passes out. She takes care of him and gets him food.

He reads her story and they talk about things like life. It's deep and he enjoys her company. They take a late night walk and share a bottle of alcohol. They kiss and later have public sex.

They're caught and arrested and he freaks out that he will get found out. Delilah tries to get David to help, but in the end, Forty helps.

David recognizes Joe and tells Delilah he does. She starts to piece things together like now obsessed he was with what Henderson did.

Milo wants to stay with Love. He canceled his trip to Bali to stay with Love. He thinks they can be something.

Milo and forty have a blow out and Milo tells Love about how much a cancer forty is and also mentions that Love never figured out James was sick.

Milo and Forty almost come to blows. Joe steps in and it gets tense. Milo spits on Joe's shoes. Milo leaves.

Love chews them out for being toxic males.

Delilah searches Joe's apartment. She finds his key to the storage unit.

Delilah takes pictures of the everything in the storage unit. She calls David.

Finds the box with underwater and the phone. Henderson's laptop. All of it.

Joe catches her. He had a camera put in his apartment after Candace and he saw Delilah take the keys.

He planned to take her out to dinner, but now it's a no. Seems pretty torn up about whatever he might have to do to Delilah.

He flashed back to his mother coming with a guy so they can run from his father.

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YOU Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

He just spent two years traversing Asia so he could sprinkle James' ashes all over the Himalayas. And now he's back traversing Love's vagina. Again. Because he does that periodically.


Everything hurts, and nothing is the same without you, Love. 

Joe's Voiceover