Crazy Love  - YOU Season 2 Episode 9
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Joe working through whether or not he actually did kill Delilah. He knows he made her promises, but he also knows he would have viewed her as a threat.

He makes a timeline. Trying to figure out what happened when he was high.

Ellie texts. But he accidentally drops and breaks her phone so it doesn't work.

He thinks someone maybe left it here for him to clean up. He doesn't want to leave her and risk getting caught but also can't move her in broad daylight. La heat means decomp. 

Screams in frustration. Buys ice for her body. Covers her in it.

He thinks Will killed her. But he calls him and it's good. Will is in Manila. Will talks to him. 

He talks to him while bloodied.  Someone sent Delilah death threats over the Henderson thing.

He has a flashback to his mom. Joey hides in closet when his father comes back. Mom has gun and tells him they will be safe.

Joe remembers he went to the job while high.  Calvin hit him thinking he was an intruder.

David looks for Delilah. Joe gives him the threatening letter and more to distract him.

He was headed to go see Delilah. Forty was with him. The food he went to give Delilah he didn't take there because forty was with him.

Love and ellie bond. Ellie's father died. Her mother sucked. Delilah left and then Ellie left and followed her  .

Forty left him at the corner where the storage facility.  Joe thinks candace might have something to do with it.

Love calls joe home. Ellie is freaking out. She knows something happened to her sister.  She's spazzing out. He comforts her. He wants them all to be a family and take care of Ellie. Be a family 

Forty starts looking up info on Nicky.

Candace goes to see Delilah. 

Candace watches forty video he sent her and sees the storage place in the back and Joe.

Candace goes to the storage unit. She sees Joe with the body. She uses pepper spray on him. And she traps him inside. She texts Love to come see what he's done. 

Baby Joe shot his father to save his mom. She told him he shouldn't have done that.

Love is shocked to see Joe in the cage. He apologizes to Candace and tells Love the truth. She runs out and Candace follows her. Love gets sick.

Love killed candace. 

Joe accepted that he has to pay for his crimes. He found his spare key and throws it out. He wants to be punished. 

Love returns and tells him she took care of Candace.

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YOU Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

At the end of the day, only you know who you really are.


I have to know who killed Delilah. Even if it was me.

Joe Voiceover