Serving a Customer  - YOU Season 3 Episode 9
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  • Young Joe suspects that Fiona's boyfriend killed her when she disappears. He searches files to find out where she lives.
  • Love returns home, and Joe sees the blood. She tells him about Theo and that she wasts to have another baby. He agrees while planning to take Henry and leave her.
  • Marienne tells him that Ryan is dead. 
  • Sherry gets angry and shoots Cary meaning to graze him but shoots him in the leg.
  • Marienne invites Joe to go with her when she leaves with her daughter. 
  • JOe goes to dispose of Theo when he realizes Theo is still alive. Theo apologizes for sleeping with Love and asks if he's getting killed. Joe injects him with some of Cary's drugs and intends to take him to the hospital. 
  • Love looks at baby names.She finds the bloody clothes Joe hid.
  • Love hears people talking about Ryan's death and Love pieces together that Joe killed him.
  • Sherry tries to tell Love to kill Joe and blame everything on him if he did it.
  • Love picked up Henry so Joe can't just take him and leave as planned.
  • Joe realies Love kows when he gets home.
  • Love confronts Joe about Marienne and he reminds her about Theo and takes ownership for things but says that they both need to own their part and end things amicably. He asks for a divorce. 
  • Love admits to killing James by accident by using a paraytica because she wanted to talk to him.
  • She uses it on Joe. He's paraylzed. 
  • Matthew is frantially calling Theo.He goes to their house and finds Joe on the floor but he can't talk. He yells at him about Natalie and finds out which hospital Theo is at.
  • Love tells Marienne about Joe and tells her to get out when she sees Juliette and changes her mind about killing her. Marienne gies Love advice.
  • Love goes to slit Joe's throat, but he injects her with her wolfsbane. He telsl her he suspected she would do that since she's been growing it in the garden. He took Cary's adrenaline to counteractit when he got a chance.She tells him they're perfect for each other but bad for Henry.
  • Joe leaves Henry with dante and his husband.
  • Joe cuts off his own toe and uses it to set Love up for all the murders. He writes a letter for her and sends it to evryone. Joe sets the house on fire.
  • Love Quinn became the Mrs. Lovett of Madre Linda, once te nausea past people were raveonous or her her tragic family history her quasi feminist rvolt against upper cloass hypocrisy. A bit of a folk hero. More famous even than Guinevere Beck.
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YOU Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You poor dumb kid. I'm so sorry.

Joe Voiceover

Love: So to really fucking start a new chapter, I think it's really time for us to start trying for another baby, Joe. Joe: I want nothing more in the world, Love. Let's do it.