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Kelsey, Liza and Lauren with their SOs are out celebrating Millennial Print. Josh isn't exactly happy to hear Liza is keeping her secret to carry on with Kelsey. Josh needs time to wrap his head around it. Maggie is disgusted with how good people are these days.

They're holding the imprint launch at an old glue plant, including people like the dude who created Pizza Rat. The 'Older folks" don't really get it.

Diana wants to make sure Liza knows her place, even with her new responsibilities, is with her.

Kelsey and Liza go to get fitted. Kelsey loves her outfit, which is her slip. The clothers laugh at her.

Lauren and Kelsey are sure Josh is "ghosting" Liza. He's disappeared but still "ghosting" all of her social media feeds.

Lauren's dad goes down to see Liza in his underwear. It's pretty apparently where she gets her brazen ways.

Diana suggests Liza read the comments on Kelsey's press release. Everybody is acting like an ass toward her. Then she gets a load of the Hector and Dorff dress, which makes her look like a giant clam.

After Lena Dunham tweets something about Kelsey, Kelsey gets very hot and starts to panic.

Josh finds out Maggie is not renting out the place, but holding a massive sex party.

Charles notices that Liza is feeding Kelsey her whole speech. He congratulates her on her part of the night's success even in the trash to table foodstuff they served.

As Charles goes to get Liza some champagne, Josh shows up and Liza finally gets to meet them both.


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Younger Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Josh: Babe! You're not a millennial.
Liza: Yeah, and Dr. Dre is not a doctor.

Lauren: This is Hector and Dorff's statement on Kelsey the Boss.
Kelsey: Oh my God! They hate me, too?!