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Liza and Maggie are talking about Josh and the article. Kelsey and Lauren show up with not so nice words about Josh. Lauren has already put Liza onto Tinder, but not to worry. On her site.

Josh catches her on Tinder and texts her about it.

Liza finds a guy at the Brooklyn Farmer's Market who has his own flock of sheep makes woolens. Liza buys a blanket from sheep he names. He's Sebastian. She gets Stella, and a pamphlet of his musings on the farm.

While Kelsey is arguing with their uber driver over her rating, the girls ask Liza why oh why Kelsey is marrying Thad. Then they appoint her the speaker of the truth. Even worse, Liza is the sour grapes girl when they all back out of their feelings when facing Kelsey.

Kelsey changed her status to engaged to Thad, but he has "loose ends" to tie up, so hasn't accepted her engagement.

Of course Sebastian has his words on a page, written in a leather bound, hand made book. Diana wonders how she can possibly market a book about sheep farming. Then Liza introduces her to Sebastian.

While at dinner, Josh comes into the restaurant with the woman from the article. He seems displeased to see Liza, but no more than she is to see him with an actual date.

Diana wants to have Sebastian shirtless for the author's photo. He doesn't believe in lawyers and trusts Liza. They're glad to have met each other, and he leans in for a kiss. He apologizes, and she unprofessionally leans in even further.

When she leaves, she gets a text from Diana about the updated rider. She arrives at the farm to find Sebastian having relations with his Sheep. OMG.

Kelsey is getting ready to go to dinner with Thad, who has just told his parents about them. But first? He has to accept the engagement. It's done and everyone starts liking the new status.

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Younger Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Congratulations on your starter marriage.


I chose staying in the closet at work over going public with our relationship.