Smiling Faces - Younger
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Liza is talking to Maggie about Josh. She thinks she has to end things with him because he wants to have kids. Maggie supports her, and makes sure she packs the bikini.

Charles just so happens to be golfing in the Hamptons at the same hotel where the book fair is being held.

Oh! Empirical was already going to the book fair.

Kelsey and Colin's editor, Pippa, are not getting along.

EW's Emily has searched the web for Liza. She knows the secret. She'll keep it, for a cost. Publish her labradoodle book or she'll publish her story.

Charles gets embarrassed when he talks to Liza.

Kelsey doesn't go for the book.

Diana asks the photographer if she does commissions.

Josh confides in Maggie. Liza is the one. She just overthinks things. He really doesn't want to lose her.

the photographer talks Diana into doing a nude. Two boys wander by and then her dress flies into the ocean.

Colin leaves his own party and shows up to be with Kelsey.

Emily, meanwhile, continues pressuring Liza, who sends the couple away so she can announce the book, despite Kelsey's opinion.

Liza runs into Charles outside the ice cream shop where he used to work and they see Berlin is playing across the street. They have to go!

When You Take My Breath Away is playing, kiss.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Emily: Liza. I know you're 40.
Liza: What?! Why would you say that?

So you have knees!