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Caitlin is packing for college Maggie gives her condoms. Josh appears at the door with with donuts and Caitlin suddenly thinks he's more than a midlife crisis.

Maggie hears about Charles' kiss while taking Caitlin to the bus. It's complicated.

At work, Charles is very happy Liza is back and wants to find a time to talk. He says in his baritone voice. OMG. Diana interrupts.

Kelsey is skyping with Chad, who thinks he's yelling at her. They're just trying to get into his computer, and Liza is wondering how that's going. What will they learn when they do?

An author named Kiko is there. She asks them to fold paper into quadrants and says the fourth quadrant will destroy you. Liza wrote Josh and Charles. Kiko wants to use her as an example. Liza panicks, eating her note when Kiko insists.

At equine therapy, Kelsey says she has a secret she doesn't want to share. The horse poops and the therapist claps. Apparently getting the horse to release is triumphant.

Charles asks Liza to the Carlyle. Only if she's amenable. If she shows up, fine. If not, it will be like it never happened. Just after, Josh asks her to see a band. She declines. She later tells Maggie she's only going to see Charles for her job. Caitlin, Maggie and her job are all that matters. Anything else is a mistake.

Diana finds Kelsey working late and takes her out for a drink. They go to a piano bar the likes of which Kelsey has never seen. When Kelsey gets "just a glass of wine," Diana changes her order to a double vodka like her own.

At the Carlyle, Charles runs into the very parents Liza ran into taking Caitlin to the bus. They talk about Liza being an old soul in a young body and how it's not good for anybody. She walks in and sees them talking. She runs off. Texts Charles that she's not going to make it. I'm gutted. Diana has too much to drink and starts to get sick. Kelsey texts Liza an SOS and off she goes. It's a good excuse to use with Charles...

Diana shows them around her house. She ultimately shows them her amazing closet and her wedding dress, which she kisses and tosses out the window.

Kelsey admits she was only marring Thad to prove something to everyone else, and now that he's dead, she's a little bit relieved.

At work, Kiko is on Hoda and Kathy Lee. She's telling everyone to kiss it and let it go. So when Liza apologizes to Charles, one minute he tells her she's fantastic and doesn't have to explain, but the next he tells her to just let it go, it was only a kiss.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm not sure which is more stressful, being a bride or a widow.


Diana: That's a beautiful tie, by the way.
Charles: Thank you. The salesgirl who picked it out really gets me.