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Maggie met a new lady friend at her garden.

Bryce is a pain in the butt, wanting to hot desk at work. He also wants everyone to get their own coffee. Diana doesn't care if Bryce is on the spectrum, she wants to strangle him with his hoodie.

Maggie gets an invitation to the new gal's boutique party.

Kelsey's lunch with Lucas goes really well and she gets a second date with green eyes.

The first pancake always gets burned, so the first person you are with is going to be doomed.

Bryce continues to be an idiot, wanting to reinvent classics to choose your own ending interactive experiences.

Maybe Empirical can just be an app! Um, no.

Kelsey introduces Lucas around and Lauren thinks Kelsey has to put him away because he's soul mate material. Kelsey is going to mess this up.

Lucas tells Kelsey he will wait for her.

Josh hears women tell stories of getting pregnant at the party, and how difficult it is after 40. He's getting worried.

P is for Penguin is nominated for the Booker Prize.

Lucas lives on Roosevelt Island, so Kelsey writes him off as a bad pancake. She bangs him on the tram and doesn't get off.

Josh and Liza talk about having kids.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Charles: Something's different about you. I can't quite put my finger on it.
Diana [to herself]: Oh, you can put your finger on it.

Liza: Good morning, Bryce. What are you doing at my desk?
Bryce: Personal work spaces are antiquated and restricting. At all my other companies we hot desk.
Liza: Hot desk?
Bryce: Yes. Everyone can sit wherever they want whenever they want. It fosters equality which in turn boosts productivity.