Summer Josh - Younger
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Maggie is going to the annual Drag Parade on Fire Island dressed as a sailor, complete with mustache and little cap.

It's Summer Friday at work and Diana isn't really into it.

Kelsey is excited to hear what Liza thinks about Colin's book, which they think of as a Dystopian Bonfire of the Vanities. Liza has to get him a good agent, so she calls Redmond.

Kelsey wants to keep it above board, so they go to a rootop pool and work event where they get bathing suits out of a vending machines.

Diana is seeing a therapist. She spends weekends reading and binge watching Frasier. He suggests renting a place in the Hamptons. She thinks it's ridiculous. When he suggests talking to the next interesting man she meets to see what happens, I remember the other times she's done that.

She meets a guy outside the therapists office who is also a therapist. She asks him for coffee, he thinks she's crazy. He counters with beer.

Kelsey and Liza go to meet with Jess Cagle at EW, where Kelsey sort of oversells Colin's book as sporting zombies.

When Diana tells her therapist about Richard, he goes crazy and threatens their relationship if she continues. She wasn't making much progress with him anyway.

When alone with Josh, Liza admits she didn't think much of Colin's book and wonders why Kelsey is going all out for it anyway.

In the meantime, Josh wants to have anal sex because she's all slippery and he can just slip it in. She then had another admission; she's done it before. When you're married long enough, you try everything. It's just not for her. Then he pouts, because he'll never have a first with her.

Richard and Diana are having breakfast at her place, and he cons her into letting him stay for a few days by analyzing her dream.

By putting an excerpt of Colin's book into EW, Kelsey lost it. Random House offered $1.2 million.

The tease scene...I just can't say more.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Kelsey: Hmmm. What looks good?
Liza: I don't know. I've never bought a bathing suit out of a vending machine before, let alone one that also sells condoms.

Kelsey: It's amazing the things you'll do to live your dream, right Liza?
Liza: Oh, right.