Party Time - Younger
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Josh sends Liza a moon's still out text just before she runs into Charles at the coffee shop. He ignores her except to wave her off.

At the office, they're meeting with Liza's therapist about her book, which is getting great publicity. Oprah is interested with one caveat. She has special interest in the chapter about the 40-year-old posing as 26 and wants the patient on her show. Charles thinks she's clearly an opportunist and can't understand why she wouldn't jump at the chance, Kelsey calls her a sociopath and Diana says shaving one or two years off your age is one thing...

Liza is freaked and over protective of the client, saying they'll probably be sued.

When Liza runs into Charles again, she tries to ask if everything is OK. It's awkward and he says there might have to be changes around there. Is Liza's job in jeopardy?

Josh tells Liza if she loses her job, he can help with Caitlin's tuition because the business is doing great. She isn't ready to have sex again yet, though, and tells him about the marshmallow experiment.

He thinks it's cruel, after he realizes it's not the one about shoving as many into your mouth as you can. Also, she's the marshmallow.

At a Chinese restaurant, Kelsey is surprised to learn Chad speaks the language.

It was going swimmingly until Kelsey discovers she had sex with Chad at some barn years ago.

While Liza and Kelsey are talking about Chad and Thad, Charles wants them to be ready in 20 minutes to talk about Millenial in a casual setting, but it's imprtant. Diana says they must really be on the ropes.

The little shit tells Diana her perfume is repulsive and smells like beaver anus.

Millennial boy is quite pleased to find out Liza is with Josh. Bryce texts them to lose the olds and join him at a party at his loft.

Bryce's party has shots of condensed water and bowls of cocaine.

Bryce thinks with Kelsey and Liza Empirical gets it...that they can do "this" with a book. A book of photographs, Liza realizes. He wasn't sure what with the old people like Diana and Charles.

One of Bryce's pals cracks the laptop and right on the top is a file, "Liza Miller." Kelsey didn't notice it. But when she learns the password is "DeezNuts" as Kelsey's favorite snack, she decides she's done, and launches it into the pool.

Kelsey wonders why Liza didn't tell her about Josh. If Liza loves him, just be with him.

I'm not sure what the look on Liza's face means.

Bryce is a new minority partner and it's all because of Kelsey and Liza.

Liza takes her marshmallow over to Josh's and they have some sex.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Kelsey: Oh. You speak Chinese?
Chad: Just a couple dialects of Mandarin.

Lauren: It's the least I can do since she's been twinned.
Maggie: Oh no, twinned is two girls on the same dildo.
Lauren: Really?