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A guy stops Diana on the street to talk about the time differences between biking to work and driving, something she immediately shared with Liza.

Liza and hubby are finalizing divorce. David wants to get back together because they slept together. Nope. Not happening.

Liza is celebrating her divorce and even more importantly, her friendship with Maggie, without whom she wouldn't have anything.

Kelsey is on a date with Mr. New Yorker, but she's turned off when he asks her to read a copy of his just finished novel. He seems genuinely shocked when she leaves.

Diana beats Clay to work, and he makes a "date" with her after work to race on the "socialist" bikes. Diana went to all that work to discover Clay has a husband. Damn.

I wish my face was that seat is how Liza goes down for the count.

Charles chooses Liza over Rhada, much to Rhada's dismay.

Diana's way of apologizing is promising to give all menial tasks to Becky.

Kelsey really likes Colin's book.

Morphined Liza tells David what she intended to say to Charles, so when David meets Josh, he thinks he's pretty cool and has it all figured out. Then he rips up the divorce papers and throws them away.

The next morning, Diana's car gets soaked and she doesn't even apologize.

Liza remembers nothing about Charles visit, but he and Rhada are no more.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Liza: Oh! I have out of the office lunch plans today.
Diana: Liza, never interrupt my moment with your plans.

Josh: You know, this whole time, we've kind of been committing adultery.
Liza: Oh. I hope I still find you attractive now that you're not my...what's the male equivalent for mistress?
Josh: I don't know...side piece?
Liza: Ohhhh, I like that.