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Maggie is trying to get her naked photo off of Google earth.

Marriage Vacation is going to be ready for summer. Charles has notes. Specifically, he never said he was in love with Donna Tarte. He said he loved her writing. Charles is not impressed when both Liza and Pauline have the same answer about his pedestal.

Lauren gets the girls into a non-member's night for The Nest.

At Josh's place, Claire was tidying up and she tidied up Kelsey's stuff. She wants her and Josh to work out, which excites Josh.

Ethan's friends are over when Diana gets home from work. Once they leave, Richard goes down on her to shut her up. It works.

Members over 35 at The Nest are called Mares. Yuck.

Pinx are period panties created by a woman named Louise. A woman who just so happens to appear in Pauline's book as Lois. Liza is a bit worried.

Marriage Vacation is getting a lot of buzz, apparently.

Liza is learning too much from Pauline, including Charles' hesitance to keep Liza on the book and the two of them talking about Pauline moving back into the townhouse with the girls.

Lauren, meanwhile, has been living at The Nest for four days because she was fired.

Lauren wants to stay at The Nest until she has enough contacts to start her own PR firm. Kelsey insists she return to Josh's with her.

Liza and Jay chat, and he gets sad he's saying the wrong thing.

Liza has misread everything Pauline said. Charles thinks they're making a mistake by letting go of what they could become because he knows it's very strong.

Liza thinks the book could be a huge success for the company, for Pauline and for...herself. Charles decides to make the book a success and walks away.

Liza's world's collide when Rose's parents are at the party. Jay saves her from certain catastrophe again, and Charles watches them waltz out of the party together.

Liza and her old beard head to dinner.

Claire discovers the company isn't offering her a job. Her visa will expire in a week. Josh is going to ask her to marry.

When Jay attempts to kiss Liza but chickens out, she goes in for a real one. What a fucking disappointment.

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Younger Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Since I've met you, you've been kind of boy crazy. It's good to see you focusing on your work for a change.


Good! Just beware of gorgeous, sunny, without a cloud in sight because that's how I ended up taking my clothes off on the roof.