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Maggie is still trying to woo Montana. She's dressed quite alluringly and even made some delicious avocado toast for her new assistant Montana. Unfortunately, Montana is gluten free. Of course she is.

Liza did some marketing research on influencers for which Kelsey thanks her but shoves aside. She's not sure it will come up today, but thank you.

In the daily meeting, Charles announces invitations went out for Bonfire, the top secret publishers' retreat. Empirical wasn't invited, but Millennial was.

While Kelsey is ecstatic, Diana has far more urgent news. Rod Stewart sat next to her at her sushi dinner last night. When Liza asks what it means, Diana continues by sharing what it meant for Rod to be sitting next to her. Oy.

Millennial has been asked to be on the future of publishing panel. Kelsey doesn't even return Liza's high five. She just sips on her drink when Charles asks to see her and Diana after the meeting – about Liza.

Charles wants to promote Liza, but Kelsey doesn't. She wants someone at Millennial a step above Liza.

Diana takes Liza to lunch. Liza has to fix whatever happened with Kelsey because Kelsey is in the position to make decisions now and their feud could get in the way of a promising career. She offers an ear to Liza, and Liza begins to speak when Richard's ex-wife appears at the restaurant.

Diana decides to introduce herself. When she says she's Richard's new girlfriend, the woman, named Winnie, begins howling like a hyena.

Back at the office, Liza once again offers research to Kelsey who turns it down. She wants Liza to book her a car instead, assuming Liza doesn't want her ID in the system.

At home, Kelsey and Josh chat about Bonfire while Josh swipes Tinder. She supports him while he watches her undress in the bathroom.

Maggie offers to take Josh's box of stuff back to him while Liza is gone.

In the Achilles Forest, there is no WiFi, something that throws Kelsey for a loop and Liza embraces.

They do no hang out that night, nor do they get along the next morning when Kelsey returns to the cabin with her boob hanging out of her shirt just hours before their panel.

The panel itself is frosty and afterward, Jim Mulloch from MacMillan introduces himself to Liza. They are starting their own GenY imprint and want her on board.

Josh meets with Maggie and he thinks Montana is hot, too.

Diana is called to Winnie's office. Winnie laughed in her face because when Richard left he did it to date models.

Kelsey thinks they got invited to Bonfire because they're young and fun. To her, that means shots. Kelsey can barely talk and thinks it's cute. Meanwhile, Liza throws up in the nearest indoor tree after four, begging to go back to the cabin. Kelsey pities her, wondering if this wasn't something she wanted to relive by pretending to be 27. No, Liza reminds her, I was a young, married mother at 27. This is the drunkest she's ever been in her life.

Liza thinks she's great at her job, but if her best isn't good enough, then maybe this isn't working. Kelsey drunkenly agrees. On that note, Liza takes the MacMillan card telling him of her interest.

Josh goes back to the coffee joint to snag Montana. They have sex.

Diana is worried about Richard. What he said to his ex has no meaning, though, because he did end up meeting someone beautiful, inside and out.

Liza and Kelsey aren't talking.

On the way home, Liza's phone blows up with messages from Caitlin. Her appendix may have burst. Kelsey finally acts like a human being.

When Kelsey is waiting with Liza at the airport, she finally starts to understand why the job and a career was so important to Liza. What it means to Liza to be a mother, to take care of someone else and put their life before your own.

When Kelsey gets back to the office, she shares with Diana that Liza was the bell of the camp ball and suggests to Charles he was right – Liza really does deserve that promotion. She also wants Liza to have a raise because she couldn't do the job without her.

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Younger Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Kelsey: Tinder?
Josh: What? Do you have a better suggestion?
Kelsey: No. I fully support you.
Josh: Awww. Thanks! [watches her undress in the bathroom]

Charles: What do you two think about giving Liza a promotion?
Diana: What would that look like for me?
Charles: I don't plan on leaving you without an assistant, but I think she could use some more responsibility.
Kelsey: Actually, I think Millennial could use someone a step above Liza. We are growing really fast.
Charles: Well, in my opinion, Liza is open to the task, but I am open to exploring other options.