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Maggie and Liza are out walking. Maggie wants Liza to avoid his street forever.

Kelsey is looking around Josh's place for coffee filters when Josh walks in with his bike. Neither one of them sleeps too much now that they're in Liza recovery. The first rule of recovery? Never use the L word.

Outside, Lauren is lying in wait for Kelsey. She cannot believe Kelsey stayed at Josh's last night. They sooo hooked up! Did not. She's just staying there for a little bit. What?!

Kelsey says their breakup didn't have anything to do with her, and no, she didn't bang Josh, and there wasn't any dry humping.

Maggie gets a heart in her coffee from Montana. Montana is a huge fan, and the coffee is free.

Diana has news about Kelsey's boyfriend's book. Not good.

Charles is on his floor. His back is out. Liza offers to help. She massages the area just above it to help release the spasm.

Kelsey gets flowers from Colin and Liza uses the moment to ask if she's alright. Did she find a place to stay?

In the staff meeting, Diana announces their new book. She always has the most unusual authors on her roster. She plans to hygge up her home and throw a party.

Diana and Charles want to know what a meme is, but when Liza explains it perfectly in their language so they can understand, Kelsey is irrationally annoyed that she doesn't understand and lashes out at Liza about her lack of millennial knowledge.

Diana and Liza go shopping for hygge items. It doesn't go all that well.

Colin and Kelsey go out on a date. He apologizes and they head into a fetish bar. After Lauren calls Kelsey a doppelbanger, a waitress comes over to ask if anyone has been naughty. Kelsey and Colin get the equivalent of a lap dance with a whip, and Kelsey whips his ass.

Liza discovers, while carrying her body pillow, that she's not the only one avoiding Medford by taking Berry.

Josh won't talk to her and walks away.

Kelsey learns at the party that Random House dropped the option on his second book when she introduces him to Charles and he begins pitching it.

Maggie is hosting Montana at her home. Montana offers to be her assistant, and Maggie makes a pass at her. Unfortunately, Montana is straight. Maggie still takes her up on her offer.

Liza can't help herself. She drags Kelsey into Diana's closet and tells her she doesn't trust Colin. He's all over Charles and only called her after his deal fell apart. He's using her.

Kelsey is too hurt to see it and thinks Liza's ideas of love are old lady and lace.

Diana is listening in but only hears the part that she misconstrues into Kelsey stealing Liza's boyfriend.

When a guy almost runs Kelsey over in the street, Colin doesn't even notice. He also doesn't notice when she drifts off and gets a cab.

At home, Josh is pickin' and a grinnin' with his band. She's had a bad night and goes right to bed. Josh leaves his friends to chat. Kelsey says she can't trust anyone anymore after Liza. Josh can't stand talking about her and makes a funny about her name being LIESa. They head out to two-step.

But Kelsey still doesn't know what Josh knew or how long.

Liza took Medford home and sees the party through the window.

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Younger Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Kelsey: Isn't hygge about being...cozy?
Diana: Yeah.
Kelsey: I've been to your home. It's...
Diana: Elegant. Yeah. I plan to "hygge" it up.

Charles: How old is your friend's husband?
Liza: He's...older. In his 40s.
Charles: Is that unusual among your friends?
Liza: Oh, we don't really think about that. We just...party.