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The Empirical team is off to Frankfurt (it's like Buffalo, with dumplings, Diana tells them) for a major book fair that Charles hopes will bring in investors. 

As he tells Liza over a beer, they only have three months of operating expenses left. 

Millennial is riding high at the fair with both of their books, Marriage Vacation and The Capitol, scoring the coveted title of "Book of the Fair."

However, during the press conference, one reporter quizzes Liza about her real age quipping that she doesn't look as young as Kelsey, which brings her to a realization that everyone is probably getting tired of covering up for her. 

Cheryl Sussman, from the competing publishing house Plaza, who has known Liza's secret for a while now and even threatened to blackmail her at one point, wants to strike a deal with her. 

She promises to keep her age a secret if Liza takes a job with Plaza. 

She makes a good point in saying that Empirical is a sinking ship and when it goes down, Liza's secret will ruin everyone. 

Liza sees this as a way to finally have her cake and eat it too.

She broaches Charles about taking the job, and though he's skeptical at first, the idea of them being able to have a relationship intrigues him so he agrees to release her from her contract after she spends the night. 

Cheryl and Diana re-live their glory years by performing their cabaret show at the Kit Kat Club and at that point, Cheryl is so intoxicated, she kisses Charles. 

Later on in the evening, she drunkenly sees Liza sneaking out of his room. 

After Liza accepts the job, she knocks on the door to find a shirtless Charles expecting "company." 

What will she do with this newfound information?

Meanwhile, Kelsey goes a little too hard during her celebration and finds herself getting hit on at the bar. 

Zane comes to her rescue and punches the guy who was getting a little too "handsy."

The next morning, while she's curing a hangover, he tells her he's going to meet Gayheart Schmidt, a possible win for Empirical. 

Turns out, Gayheart is the same man that tried to come onto Liza and who now has a black eye thanks to Zane. 

Before leaving Frankfurt, Liza breaks the news that she's quitting to Kelsey. 

Kelsey doesn't take it well and both of them end up ugly-crying in the lobby. 

Liza assures her that leaving will eliminate collateral damage and that they've "reached the end of the road."

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Younger Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Kesley: Okay, but you just tucked me in, right?
Zane: Yep, ucked with a "T", not an "F." I slept on the couch.

Don't get too excited. They found the most charmless city to host it. It's like Buffalo with dumplings. Lovely language, German. Like a thousand cats coughing.