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Liza enters the Plaza building and it's evident that Cheryl Sussman's goal is to woo her with an offer and convince her to come to Plaza where she will run their female-focused-but-not-excluding-male imprint, Chick(y).

Despite the impressive salary and swanky office, Liza tells her she needs to have her lawyer look through it. 

Back at Empirical, Charles reveals that Quinn is interested in investing in the company, specifically, in Millennial. She wants to make the young-adult imprint the flagship brand.

When Charles relays the exciting news, Kelsey tells Liza she can't leave the company now, while Liza argues that this is the best time to leave because she won't hinder their growth and success with her lie. 

Liza assures Charles she'll break the news to Quinn herself so that she doesn't pull her offer. 

When Liza tells Quinn she's leaving the company, she doesn't really understand why someone on the cusp of the biggest break in their life would give it all up. 

Since she keeps pressing for the truth, Liza finally confesses to lying about her age. 

Quinn tells her not to worry because firing someone for their age is bad optics; she can "bury this," or better yet, celebrate it. Whatever that means. 

Knowing that she can't accept Cheryl's offer in good faith, she meets with her to break the news but instead, she finds that Cheryl is hosting her a "welcoming" party. 

When she finally does drop the truth bomb, Cheryl loses her goddamn mind which just proves to Liza that she dodged a bullet and a half. 

In all her fury, Cheryl sends a blind item to Quinn revealing that a company exec is having a relationship with their much younger assistant. 

Quinn puts two-and-two together and confronts Charles about it. When he comes clean, she tells him that in the age of the #MeToo movement, this is not something she can spin in a positive light. 

Apologetically, she tells him she has to pull the offer, however, he has found another way! At the next meeting, Charles announces that he will be taking a role as the Chairman of the Board, which Diana sees as an attempt to "snuff him out."

Meanwhile, he promotes Kelsey to the role of publisher, a move that Zane saw coming when he quit for some other job he had lined up and a move that really sucker-punched Diana who assumed she was next in line. 

Before packing up his things as leaving, Zane told Kelsey that he didn't take Jake's book from her because he didn't want his name on something he didn't personally edit. He also admitted that he loved her. 

After the news breaks, Liza runs out after Charles who confesses that his job isn't his life. He made the decision to save his father's company and now, in his new role, he'll have more time for his children and he can be in an open relationship with Liza. 

The two of them kiss publically, but as they walk into their new future together, they look anything but happy. 

Diana may be upset over losing a promotion to Kelsey, but Enzo's near-death experience with the Fatberg helped her realize that Enzo is the real deal. 

They had their very own New York City moment when the emergency personnel pulled him out from all the trash and she ignored that he was covered in literal shit to embrace him. 

Maggie approached Josh about becoming a sperm donor for Malkie and the decision weighed heavily on him. 

Lauren offered to pray to the Cacao mother for an answer and in his dream-state, he envisioned having a little family with Liza. 

He told Maggie that when he does have a family, he wants it to be with someone he loves. 

Well, be careful what you wish for. 

The next day, a very knocked up Claire came knocking on his door. What will they do with the baby?

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Younger Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Well, she really wants a baby, and I'm really high on a weeknight and happy that way.


Enzo: You know, this is dangerous. Most plumbers wives forbid them from going anywhere near a Fatberg.
Diana: Really? Should you even be doing this?
Enzo: I have to, I gotta duty.
Diana: (laughing)