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Maggie's talent finally gets some recognition when her artwork is nominated into what's referred to as the Super Bowl for the art world. 

Liza and Josh attend the exhibit to support her as do Diana and Enzo, who are on their second date. 

Diana briefly meets Maggie before leaving to "spend the night" at her new boyfriend's house in Staten Island. She brings a loaded suitcase just in case he doesn't have polyester sheets. 

When she arrives at his place, she's surprised with how clean and roomy the place is. That is until she wakes up the next morning and runs into his "chef" when she's half-dressed. His chef turns out to be his super judgemental mother who expresses her disappointment in him bringing an "old prune" home in Italian. 

Surprising everyone, Diana responds in fluent Italian that she's not a prune but a juicy grape. 

Back at Empirical, Charles is trying to secure the book rights for a memoir from rock legend, Chrissie Hart. 

During a meeting, they Skype her and she agrees to hand over the final copy in person. She requests that Charles come to her mansion since he's the one she made a meeting with. 

When Charles gets there, things take a very weird turn. Chrissie is not interested in handing over the book, but she does make an effort to show him her million dollar dildo. 

Liza offers to drive out to Shelter Island to save Charles and help convince Chrissie. Diana chalks it up to Liza being a super huge fan who is hoping to meet her idol. 

But in fact, Liza wants to use this moment to finally have a real conversation with Charles who has been avoiding her since finding out her big secret. 

He's quite startled to see her inside the mansion but eagerly accepts the help. 

Before you know it, they are both drunk off of way too much absinthe and wine and there's no book in sight. 

Chrissie briefly brings the pages out but determines she isn't ready to show them off just yet and sends her maid to lock them back up. 

When she passes out for the night, Liza uses the moment to confront Charles. 

He brushes her but after she goes to her room, pauses briefly to consider making a move. He doesn't, and the next morning, Chrissie tells Liza that she saw him pack up early in the morning and leave. 

The two get to talking and bond over "men who ran away." Liza is finally able to tell Chrissie, who admits she's terrified of letting people read her book, just how much her art meant to her during her divorce. 

She secures the page and delivers them to Charles shortly after wearing a neatly pressed suit -- a new look for Liza which came on the heels of Chrissie telling her she's not pulling off the millennial look. 

Charles is stunned and asks her how convinced Chrissie to give her the pages. "I didn't run away," Liza exclaims. 

Zane expresses his disappointment in Jake's first chapter to Kelsey. Thinking that she isn't going to get the job done, he calls Jake up to let him know that he needs to "spice things up."

Jake is caught off guard, and when Zane gets a little too heated, Kelsey tells him she'll handle it. 

Later that day, she meets Jake at a hotel where they are supposed to edit the chapter. But their personal feelings get in the way of the professional ones. 

Zane is pleased when Jake finally delivers a compelling and juicy chapter and in celebration, hooks up with Kelsey in the meeting room. 

Kelsey tells Lauren she's sleeping with two guys and feels terrible about it, but Lauren assures her that guys "double dip" all the time and that it's healthier for her flora. 

Josh learns that Charles and Liza are away on a work trip together and gets really jealous. 


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Younger Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Maggie: Who is that woman screeching at you?
Liza: Uh, that's Diana.
Maggie: Oh, that's Diana? Now I finally get it.

It needs more energy. Humor. Scandal. We’re competing with Russian hookers and golden showers.