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In the span of twenty-something minutes, Josh went baby shopping with Liza, celebrated a gender reveal party, and became a father. 

Despite being "post-gender," Lauren threw Josh and Claire a baby shower that didn't go exactly as planned. 

Liza accidentally let the balloon go and Claire went into labor two-second after. 

It's her party and she can go into labor if she wants to. 

The baby was so eager to come into the world, she ended up giving birth in the backseat of an Uber. How very New York of her. 

Everyone was thrilled with the baby girl's arrival, except Liza. 

She told Charles that she was happy for Josh, but the look on her face said something entirely different. 

Are we reviving the love-triangle?

Liza's relationship with Charles experienced some bumps when she told him about the problems Kelsey was facing in the workplace. 

Quinn, the woman responsible for giving Kelsey and Liza their jobs, wanted her book to Empirical's first release. 

Since Kelsey wanted to prove herself and have her first release be solid, she hired focus groups to provide strong data. 

In short, women thought Quinn's book was offensive, anti-women and downright Machiavellian. 

Kelsey took the information and tried to relay it to Quinn in the best way possible by explaining that she didn't want to relase it until it was ready, but Quinn wasn't having any of it. 

Her inability to stand up to Quinn combined with Charles' opinion of "what he would do in her shoes" made Kelsey think that everyone thought she was inadequate for the job. 

She met Quinn for a one-on-one meeting where she laid down the rules: she was going to release her book second after Reese Witherspoon's movie-turned-novel. 

Quinn proposed a deal instead. If the book failed, Kelsey would never hear from her again. If it was a hit, Kelsey would make a good impression out of the ballpark and they'd benefit. 

Despite everything, Kelsey agreed to the deal. 

Liza also promised Kelsey that she would no longer mix business with pleasure and would refrain from talking business with Charles. 

Meanwhile, Diana was still coming to terms with Liza being the one who got the guy, the guy being Charles. 

Enzo realized that Diana's jealousy stemmed from her feelings for Charles and that he was never going to be enough -- he was always going to be her second best option. 

As her apology, Diana decided to submit her and Enzo's love story to Modern Romance magazine with a touching quote about "needing" him. 

So, no worries, Diana and Enzo are still together and hopefully, she realizes just how lucky she is to have him. 

Kelsey and Zane get back together once he gets a "new job." Is he in business with Charles?

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Younger Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Kelsey: I didn’t even know I was co-hosting this event. Everybody on that list has been in publishing forever. I do not belong here.
Zane: You’re standing in front of a bar, you’ve never belonged anywhere more in your

Maggie: Yeah, well speaking of change that pussy bow needs to go. You look like Nancy Pelosi on the bottom and Melania Trump on top.
Liza: Oh, that’s no fun for anyone.