Liza and Kelsey long - Younger Season 7 Episode 11
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Pauline returns and is intent on reuniting Liza and Charles.

Liza tells Pauline that's not going to happen, but Pauline keeps meddling, especially after finding an engagement ring.

Pauline steals Charles's passport, so he can't go away with Quinn and propose.

Liza retrieves the passport and returns it to Charles.

She says goodbye and assumes Charles has left with Quinn.

However, Charles tells Liza he's been a fool and wants to be with her, married or not.

He also confesses that he bought the engagement ring for Liza and not Quinn.

Charles agrees to bring Inkubator into the Empirical family and repays Kelsey for the advance she gave Dylan Park.

They have a handshake agreement, but Rob believes Kelsey is owed more.

Rob convinces Kelsey to let him forward Inkubator's pitch deck to a venture capitalist friend of his, and soon the email is being sent everywhere.

Quinn receives a copy of the pitch and reads it as she flies.

At Kelsey's housewarming party, Lauren's father has a heart attack, and he's taken to the hospital.

Lauren's ex Max saves her father's life, and her parents pressure Lauren to catch up with him.

Lauren is skeptical but has a sex dream about Max.

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Younger Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Josh: You broke up with Clare pretty easily. Are you planning on being a little more careful with Kels, yeah?
Rob: That’s not really a question.
Josh: It’s not really.
Rob: I’m pretty sure Kelsey can handle herself.
Josh: Yeah, I just hope you’re planning on being a little more careful.

Maggie: I’m giving Kelsey some of my old pots and pans for her new place.
Liza: Kelsey doesn’t cook.
Maggie: Well, she does smoke weed, so anything can happen.