Liza and Charles long - Younger Season 7 Episode 6
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Liza debates whether to meddle in Charles and Quinn's relationship, wondering if she should tell him about Quinn's bid for governor.

Liza decides against it but after receving confirmation for Quinn's ex-campaign manager Ayanna that Quinn will be announcing her run at the book launch party, she decides to do it.

Liza ends up being wrong, and the allegation further strains her relationship with Charles.

Liza later learns that Quinn set her up.

Liza and Kelsey are unhappy to learn their new brand is mid-lit, so they aunch an underground writers' open mic night of sorts called Inkubator and stumble upon a promising author.

They take the pages to Charles, who refuses to read them, as it's not part of Empirical's proven strategy.

Liza and Kelsey decide to pursue this venture anyway.

Josh decides to introduce KT to Gemma, but things don't go according to plan.

KT later breaks up with Josh as she's just not ready to be a stepmother.

Cass invites Maggie to dinner with her and Cass, and Maggie can't get out of it,

Maggie and Lauren go have dinner at Cass and Camila's house, and Camila sexts Maggie.

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Younger Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Lauren: Wait, wait, so we hate each other and we make snide remarks like, ‘Wow, you sound just like your mother right now.’ That’ll be fun, don’t you think?
Maggie: No, this is not supposed to be fun. We’re only here because I want to keep my job. I told Cass this is new, so we don’t hate each other yet.
Lauren: OK, not what I prepared, but I can take a note. New couple, lovey dovey, googly eyes, horny. Got it.
Maggie: No horny vibes around the wife. I don’t know what’s going to set her off.
Lauren: Well, it’s not what you told me.

Liza: No offense Redman, but generic label murder she wrote doesn’t sound very current.
Redman: Well, that’s the point. It’s cozy. There’s tea and knitting and gentle crime among upper middle class white folks in coastal Maine. No, it’s not current, but it does somehow defy the times.
Kelsey: Redman, are you kidding?
Liza: There used to be a time where you were a resource for Millennial.
Redman: Millennial, um, I thought Millennial can't come to the phone right now. Why, ‘cause she’s dead.
Kelsey: We would still like relevant authors. Not dinosaurs. That is not our brand.
Redman: That is exactly your brand. Millennial, Empiricial, Mercury, Sterling Peters Brooks, whatever you want to call it, ‘Murder She Blogged’ is essentially the female ‘Arabian Sea.’ I should congratulate you. You ladies have emerged of the mid-lit leaders of the new decade?
Kelsey: Mid-lit?
Redman: Middle aged literature. Last I heard, your pipeline was stacked with historical pop boilers. True or false?
Liza: Well, yes…
Redman: Well, if you want to stay in that age bracket, the least you could do is get the she/her point of view. Come on. This is a win-win. I can see it now. You publish the book. CBS turns it into a procedural starring Betty White. Metamucil pays the ad sales up front, and we all reap the benefits. Lean into your identity ladies. We all gotta eat.