Maggie and Liza - Younger Season 7 Episode 5
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Liza's jealousy over Charles and Quinn's new relationship prompts Liza to fact-check Quinns new book.

Liza doesn't find any inaccuracies but learns from Quinn's former campaign manager that Quinn is just using Charles to boost her public appearance.

Charles is essentially arm candy to appeal to voters when Quinn decides to run for office again.

Liza also goes to her friend's 20th anniversary party and runs into Vince, an old crush who is also divorced.

Liza and Vince grab dinner and seem to be on the same page until it becomes clear Vince is just looking for a sex buddy.

That's not what Liza wants, and she goes on a rant, which ends with her crying and realizing she's still in love with Charles.

Maggie's art is on display at a showcase, and she ends up going home with a gorgeous stranger.

She's also offered a job teaching art to college students and accepts.

However, it turns out the woman she slept with is married to the her new boss.

Clare and Rob break up, so Kelsey and Lauren take Clare out to a breakup brunch.

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Younger Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Liza: Charles was supposed to come, but I guess I’ll just be hanging solo in a room full of judgmental couples.
Lauren: Liza, no. No, no, no, no. Say no more. I’m gonna call my friend Stefan. He staffs bartenders, cater waiters, the hottest men you have ever seen. Now most of them are a Kinsey 6 gay, but they will definitely give you the old grope-a-dope in front of your PTA friends if you tip generously.
Maggie: Lauren, are these sex workers or waiters?
Lauren: Yes, they are.

Liza: OK.
Lauren: You’re looking at me like I’m the jittery waxer who just ripped off your perineum, and that’s fine. Quinn is coming in to review the marketing plan for “The F Word” at 10. And you can either find out when she saunters in, wearing one of his wrinkled shirts as a minidress, or you can find out from a friend. I came as soon as I heard.
Liza: Thanks, friend.