L - Gina Hugs Carlo - Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1
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Michael Desiato is removed from his cell and taken for a medical exam in prison. He appears famished and has an unkempt beard. The doctor asks him to take a nutritional supplement, but he doesn't respond. The doctor resorts to force-feeding him using a tube.

In the past, we revisit the night Adam was hot. His shooter runs away, and Carlo follows suit but fails to catch up. Her parents help a shaken Fia.

Michael is visited by a psychiatrist who is concerned about his well-being.

The police raid one of Big Mo's stash houses, looking for Eugene, the prime suspect in the murder of Adam Desiato.

Jimmy calls Big Mo and demands that she delivers Eugene to him. Big Mo informs him that she didn't order the death of Carlo, as the Baxters have come to learn that he was the target.

AUSA Olivia visits Michael and tries to get him to help bring down the Baxters once and for all. Gina Baxter demands that Carlo do something.

The federal government takes over the case from NOPD.

Carlo goes to the gang hood to look for Eugene but is taken. Big Mo's people also take Eugene. Big Mo expresses her dissatisfaction with what Eugene did. She locks him up in a storage facility.

Michael signs up for an inmate rodeo program.

Charlie's campaign starts taking a hit, and his manager tries to get him to stand against Michael. He refuses.

Fia confronts her dad about the violence in their family that resulted in Adam's death.

Carlo is brought to Big Mo. She calls Jimmy and informs him that she has his son and it would be in his best interest to leave Eugene alone and cut his losses.

Fia visits Michael in prison, but he declines to talk to her.

Michael participates in a dangerous rodeo game and ends up being seriously injured.

Jimmy gets pressured by Carlo and Gina to take action.

Little Mo takes Eugene to a bus station and advises him to disappear. He lies to Big Mo that Eugene got away.

Big Mo meets up with the cops and Charlie, and they conspire to fake Eugene's death. His death would effectively close Adam's case.

Olivia secures Michael's release and blackmails him into agreeing to help. The Baxters learn of Eugene's death just as Charlie addresses the press on the issue.

Fia writes a letter to Michael but is interrupted when a child starts fussing nearby. Michael is released from prison.

Your Honor
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Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Why can't you people just let me die in peace?


Fia: Why did this happen?
Jimmy: It's a senseless act of violence.
Fia: Was it? I know violence is a part of this family. Carlo killed someone. Mom, her family... I know what people think about them. I-I've heard the stories. They can't all be lies.