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Gretchen snorts Killian's Adderall that she's crushed up. She enters the kitchen, where Dorothy tries to greet Gretchen warmly. Gretchen shushes her. At that, Dorothy kisses Edgar goodbye and leaves. Gretchen spots the gun that Jimmy's father left behind when he went back to England and ends up taking it with her in her bag to get rid of later, when Edgar seems unable to do so. At Edgar's questioning, she reveals that she's leaving to stay at Lindsay's for a bit (because Lindsay "needs help with everything").

Lindsay, Vernon and Becca listen to Sam's new song with Lindsay's featured vocals. Lindsay is excited about the fact that she and Sam are going on a radio show on Fire 103 to drop the song. Vernon is encouraging and excited for her, while Becca is rude and insulting about it. Becca throws in Lindsay's face that she and Vernon will be on a cruise with their child in five months while at the same time Lindsay will be miserable and in divorce court, and calls the song stupid.

Jimmy hangs out with Nina at her bar. He texts Gretchen about how she left in the morning and she only texts back "K." Nina tells Jimmy about how she used to be a professional skier until she broke her leg in twelve places when she wiped out at the Winter X Games a few years back. Then, her grandfather died and she took over his bar. Jimmy asks her about the size of her feet and Nina flirtatiously lifts her leg up on the bar and shows him her shoe. Jimmy makes a joke about the British show that they bonded over, Buckle Your Shoes. He reveals that there was a Christmas special which he has on DVD and Nina excitedly invites herself over to watch it. Jimmy hesitates but after texting Gretchen and  confirming that she is not at the house, he agrees. They leave for Jimmy's house.

Gretchen, Lindsay and Sam go on the radio show. The host, Trace, takes phone calls and everyone berates the song and insults Sam and Lindsay's "thin vocals." Sam blows up and storms out. Gretchen follows.

At Becca and Vernon's house, Vernon tries to transfer money from one of his accounts to another, but is told that the account is overdrawn. Becca demands that Vernon go and get her a lot of food. Vernon tells Lindsay that he has no cash and she instructs him to just put it on their credit card, for the points for their cruise. Becca leaves and Vernon secretly swipes cash from their Disney cruise fund jar.

Sam yells at Gretchen for allowing him to do the show and asks her what she's on. She admits that she's on Adderall but that it isn't even working anymore. Sam tells Gretchen that the entire feud with Honeynutz and Shitstain is her fault and that he's had trouble recovering from some of their rap digs at him. Gretchen points out that nothing they've said about Sam has been false. Sam storms off.

Edgar expresses his nervousness about going to a party with Dorothy's old improv friends. Jimmy tells Edgar to just imitate whatever the improv guys do. Edgar says he was just going to be himself. Jimmy laughs at him and tells him that's a bad idea. Edgar asks about Gretchen going to stay at Lindsay's. Jimmy, annoyed, insists that he and Gretchen are fine. Edgar leaves.

Nina emerges from the other room and she and Jimmy proceed to watch the Buckle Your Shoes Christmas special. Nina gets very excited about the two characters kissing and moves closer to Jimmy. Jimmy tries to edge away from her. Finally she puts her hand on his knee in her excitement when the two characters kiss and Jimmy jumps up, admitting he has a girlfriend. Nina is incredulous when she realizes he means Gretchen. She leaves, taking the Buckle Your Shoes DVD along with Jimmy's DVD player and HDMI cord with her. As soon as she leaves, Jimmy masturbates.

Vernon confides in Paul that he is in financial trouble with a girl from the internet. Vernon is a money slave -- he lets a woman from the internet control his finances in a form of sexual domination and has wound up paying her over $100,000 in the past few months, financially draining him. The woman, Kasha, is now demanding more money from him. Paul reluctantly agrees to help Vernon and Vernon hugs Paul, randomly bringing up the time that he (Vernon) and Vernon's friend masturbated next to one another as kids, weirding Paul out.

Edgar arrives at Dorothy's friends' party. He is very uncomfortable, never knowing when they are doing a bit and when they are being serious. Edgar tries to make jokes but they go over badly.

Gretchen snorts cocaine at Lindsay's house. Jimmy suddenly arrives, to her shock. He tells her about Nina hitting on him and his rejecting her. Gretchen explodes, shouting at Jimmy and trying to make him understand that she feels nothing lately, about anything. She asks him to go. Jimmy leaves. Gretchen snorts more cocaine off of a pillow.

At the radio station, Sam, Gretchen and Lindsay return to Trace's show. Sam begins to apologize, but Trace interrupts him, telling him that Shitstain and Honeynutz are here. Sam's two ex-collaborators sit down with him. Another caller calls in and berates Sam. Sam freaks out and dares the caller to come down and say it to his face. She asks for the address and he insults her. Sam goes off on a rant about how he is changing the face of everything.

At Dorothy's friends' party, Edgar gets very high off of the improv guys' medicinal marijuana and acts like an obnoxious jerk to Dorothy, mimicking the guys' type of behavior and humor. He flashes Dorothy and jumps fully clothed in the pool.

Sam, Shitstain and Honeynutz air their grievances outside the radio station. The woman who called the station drives up with two of her female gang member friends. The three women attack the three men and beat them up, throwing Lindsay into a pile of garbage as well. Gretchen pulls out the gun from earlier and threatens the girl, telling them to run. The gang girls run off. Sam, Shitstain and Honeynutz reconcile while Lindsay gives Gretchen a shocked look.

Vernon has sex with Becca, as Becca complains about Lindsay and Vernon receives texts from Kasha demanding more money, simultaneously arousing him and stressing him out.

Jimmy goes to Nina's bar, already drunk from Gretchen's red licorice vodka. He and Nina continue drinking together.

Dorothy leaves the party and Edgar chases after her. He explains that he was just taking Jimmy's advice. Dorothy assures Edgar that she likes him precisely because he was different from her improv friends, and tells him that, at 33, she wants her life to move forward. She tells Edgar not to take any more advice from Jimmy about her. She reassures Edgar that she still likes him, "so much that it sucks."

Back at Lindsay's house, Gretchen reveals to Lindsay that she only felt bored during the fight. Lindsay agrees that that's weird, and says that she's sorry that Gretchen doesn't feel anything. Gretchen gives Lindsay her coke, saying it's not working anymore.

At Nina's bar, Nina and Jimmy drunkenly continue to flirt, talking about hypothetical scenarios where they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Jimmy asks, if he were her boyfriend, whether he could get free drinks, his own stool, and a plaque near his stool. She agrees and asks whether she could be the dedication for his book. He agrees. They nearly kiss but Jimmy pulls away, intending to leave. Mimicking the kiss scene from Buckle Your Shoes, Jimmy turns back and kisses Nina deeply.

You're the Worst
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You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Sam: Why would you let me do that show?
Gretchen: Because you wanted to! You said, and I quote, "Get your negligent ass down to Fire 103, we doin' a show."
Sam: My blood sugar was low, you're supposed to give me some goddamn almonds!

Hey, that's your best garbage bag. You going somewhere?