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Jimmy and Gretchen have sex in bed. In the middle she asks him to slap her, which he does. She doesn't like it, and they get into a relatively serious slap fight, ending the sex. They each silently go on their phones. Jimmy finds out then that his family is flying in to visit him for four days. This is due to the fact that Gretchen wasn't paying attention when Jimmy told her about the punishment-based system of letters for him to meet his page count and just mailed out all three letters at once, one of which invited his family. Jimmy asks a still-depressed Gretchen for her help with them, but she's too lethargic and dissociated and refuses. Edgar enters with a thank you basket from BAMLA, the result of another of the letters which contained a donation to BAMLA.

Jimmy frantically cleans up around the house and rearranges things to impress his family as Gretchen sits on the couch. Jimmy tries to get Gretchen to stick around and greet his family when they arrive, but she dodges him and runs from the room. Jimmy's family (sisters Di, Fiona and Lilly and their father Ronny) arrives and they are terrible, treating him awfully and mocking him (except for his younger sister Lilly, who is the family doormat). They are rude to Edgar, asking Jimmy "who the Paki is." Jimmy also finds out that his mother left his father for a man named Tony and ran off to Barcelona with him.

Jimmy introduces the family to Gretchen when he is briefly able to pull her out of the bedroom. She listens to the sisters mock Jimmy and only chuckles along when they explain the stories behind his numerous derisive nicknames before leaving the room again.

Jimmy tries to convince the family to go sightseeing with him, but they are only interested in sitting in front of the television and watch a song contest on television. Lilly compliments Jimmy's writing, remarking that she brags to all her friends at the strip club how proud she is of him and how famous he is in America. Jimmy is taken aback by the discovery that Lilly works at a strip club now.

Jimmy listens to Fiona drone on with very boring stories about her coworkers at the Tesco back home where she works as a cashier. She mocks the stories that a coworker told her about grocery stores in America that play a thunder and lightning sound and spritz the produce with mist, dismissing it as an obviously made up story.

Lindsay arrives at the house and Jimmy recruits her to go retrieve Gretchen.

Jimmy tries to ask his father about his mother leaving him, but his father brushes off the topic and instead turns the subject back to mocking Jimmy.

Lindsay manages to get Gretchen out of her room, though Gretchen resists interacting with Jimmy's terrible family. Gretchen gets a text from Sam and asks Lindsay to help Sam take care of his wardrobe problem. Lindsay agrees and leaves. Gretchen retreats back under her blanket in the living room.

Lindsay goes to meet up with Sam and helps him pick out new clothes (his response to Shitstain and Honey Nutz's diss track that made fun of his style). Sam tries to come up with a hook for a new response diss track, but struggles to come up with anything good. Lindsay gets a text from Paul asking whether she signed the divorce papers yet. She pretends to not know who is texting her, texting back "New phone, who dis?" She sings that line over and over again to herself. Sam overhears what she's singing and after she explains the diss, he is inspired and uses that line as his hook.

Jimmy gets off the phone with his agent, reporting back that his agent loves his book proposal. The family is nonplussed, instead demanding that he take them to buy cigarettes and booze at the supermarket. Jimmy asks Gretchen to take them out, since he needs to get some writing work done. Gretchen reluctantly agrees. Lilly, excited at finally going outside, rushes off to go get ready. Their father declines, saying he'll go for a walk on his own instead of accompanying them.

When Lilly finally comes back out, she finds everyone else but Edgar has left and is disappointed. Edgar offers to give Lily a tour of the city and she excitedly agrees.

Gretchen takes Fiona and Di to a Whole Foods-type store. Di is aggressive and disruptive, while Fiona is shell-shocked by how fancy the store is compared with her Tesco back home. Gretchen simply curls up at an occupied booth table and ignores them. Fiona finally spots the thunder sounds and the vegetable spritzing. Realizing what her coworker told her was true, she has a mini-breakdown by the time Gretchen and Di find her. She bemoans that her life is terrible and she ruined her body, though she's only 36. Gretchen is disturbed to hear that Fiona is only 36.

Edgar takes Lilly around town, showing her the LA "scenery." She admits that she did want to go to university, but that taking care of her family was more important. She asks Edgar not to tell Jimmy that.

The family gets back to the house where Jimmy hasn't accomplished much writing and he complains that they were only gone an hour. Di proceeds to insult Jimmy for being pompous and thinking he can impress them, and rails on a silent Gretchen for being clearly miserable.

Jimmy loses his cool, unplugging the TV and railing at all of them. As everyone is shouting, the dad brandishes the gun he bought, only to find it bulletless. Jimmy screams at his family, calling them uneducated, and tells them he wants them out of his house. At the end of Jimmy's speech, the family just laughs at him (to his consternation) and the father takes Jimmy out for a drink, leaving Di and Fiona with Gretchen. Gretchen looks at the sisters and retreats back under her blanket.

Sam, with Lindsay providing back-up vocals, records a song using her "New phone, who dis?" line.

Jimmy and his father have a heart to heart where Ronny admits to not knowing what to do with Jimmy when Jimmy was a child because he couldn't relate to Jimmy's interests. His father asks after Gretchen, and Jimmy admits she is going through a rough patch. His father warns him that his own marriage was happy at first, but that it eventually devolved into one long rough patch, culminating in Jimmy's mom leaving him. He advises Jimmy not to let a "dark cloud of a bird" like Gretchen screw his life up. Jimmy comments that he really likes Gretchen, but his father counters that there are always other girls. He calls over Nina, asking if she'd date Jimmy and commenting that Jimmy wrote a really great book. Nina jokes that she'd snog Jimmy and not tell anyone. Jimmy is moved to near tears to learn that his father read his book and liked it, and to hear his father admit that he is proud of Jimmy.

Jimmy says a relatively congenial goodbye to most of his family on the fourth day of their visit. He tries to vent about the visit to Gretchen and becomes angry when she is totally unresponsive and morose. She tells him that she can't listen to him, and he counters that she means she won't.

Jimmy leaves to go to Nina's bar. She sits down next to him and strikes up a conversation, pouring him another drink. He glances at her butt when she leans over but then quickly looks away. She invites him to tell her the whole story of his family's visit from the beginning and seems genuinely interested in what he has to say. Jimmy happily begins venting to her.

You're the Worst
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You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I have to look extra dope. Those assholes' latest track dissed my wardrobe so thoroughly they had me doubting my signature style that GQ once called "courageously headache-y."


I thought all English people were fancy, but these are like Alabama English people.