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Edgar makes a breakfast lasagna and lies to Gretchen and Jimmy, saying it's for his veteran's group and not Lindsay. Gretchen and Jimmy tell him they know about his feelings for Lindsay and find the whole thing hilarious. They rag on Edgar and Lindsay and how stupid their kids would be if they married, for a bit. Edgar leaves, annoyed.

Gretchen and Jimmy discuss how Jimmy is meeting with another author, Strasburg, to discuss a writing gig. They joke about "checking in" with one another all day.

A very pregnant Becca and Lindsay hang out at Lindsay's house as Vernon (Vernon having been "leant" to Lindsay by Becca) mows the lawn. Becca and Lindsay trade barbs. Lindsay is served with Paul's divorce papers and becomes very upset.

Jimmy goes to visit Strasburg at his very fancy home. Jimmy lists off all of the author's accomplishments, at Strasburg's encouraging. Strasburg hands Jimmy a sample of writing and asks that Jimmy critique it. When Jimmy honestly critiques it, the author fakes a freak-out and yells at Jimmy to leave. Admitting it was a joke, he then invites Jimmy to follow him out.

Edgar attends his veteran's group. Everyone shares stories, and Edgar is invited to share what happened with Lindsay (his "mystery girl"). Edgar related that his friends told them it was a bad idea. The group is interrupted by Nathan and Tall Nathan, a comedy duo who was sent in to teach the veterans improv comedy as a method of coping with trauma.

Jimmy and Strasburg go to a strip club, where the author continues to not talk about the potential job. Instead, he encourages Jimmy to "live" and to go get a lap dance. Jimmy Facetimes Gretchen on his phone and asks her if she'd like to have a lap dance "with" him. She agrees and instructs him on which stripper to choose.

Amy and Paul hang out around Paul's tent home in the backyard of his friend Conor's house. Lindsay interrupts them, barging in and yelling about the divorce papers. She reveals to Amy that she and Paul slept together, but Amy reveals that she'd already been told that by Paul. Amy leaves them to hash it out. Lindsay tells Paul that she saw him watching as she and Edgar kissed and insists that she'll get Paul back. Paul insists that she will not, and also hurts her feelings by telling her that he can finish sex "regularly" (rather than with hand jobs) when having sex with Amy (unlike in his sex life with Lindsay). 

Gretchen goes to visit Sam, who is angry at Shitstain and Honeynutz for recording tracks behind his back and has recorded a diss track as retaliation. Gretchen tries to convince him that the three of them should all have a sit-down to hash everything out. She offers to take him to lunch at a cheap diner and he agrees.

Edgar struggles with improv at his veteran's group, until Tall Nathan instructs him to just trust his instincts. He then succeeds at improv and everyone applauds him. He writes down the note to trust his instincts on his forearm, alongside other notes.

Sam arrives at the diner with Gretchen to see Honeynutz and Shitstain already there. Sam reacts angrily but finally agrees to talk to them. He expresses that he was upset at them for recording tracks without him behind his back. They settle their beef but Gretchen gets an alert that their beef is gaining notoriety and traction in the news so she tells them to make a scene and flip the table. They lamely fake a fight and storm out to continue the ruse. Gretchen texts Jimmy that she is a genius and asks him to meet her at their bar later.

Jimmy and Strasburg go to visit Strasburg's mother in a nursing home. The old woman is barely conscious and Jimmy holds her hand and recites Wallace Stevens to her. A man interrupts and asks what Jimmy is doing with his mother -- it was not Strasburg's mother after all.

Jimmy storms out and confronts Strasburg, who tells him that he (Strasburg) truly understood and appreciated Jimmy's book. He compliments his writing. He also tells him that he can help his writing. He asks that Jimmy help him with the job researching the book and gives him a handful of crumpled money as an "advance." Jimmy calls his agent and tells him he won't be taking the job with Strasburg. He says he'll write his own second book but admits he does need the extra job for the money. He insists the agent do his job and find him another gig.

Jimmy meets Gretchen at their bar where they discuss what happened to each of them that day.

Lindsay drinks red wine out of a mug and sadly watches old videos of Paul on her phone. She suddenly remembers Paul's used condom in the freezer, taking it out and defrosting it in the microwave. She's interrupted by Edgar, who tries to talk to her. She brushes him off and closes the door on him. The condom explodes in the microwave. Lindsay hurriedly scoops it into her mug and then tries to get the sperm inside of her, burning herself in the process. She uses the popsicle she had been eating to cool off the burn, which Edgar sees through the door and seems to mistake as something sexual.

Back at Jimmy's house, as Jimmy sleeps, Gretchen wakes up and sneaks out. She grabs her flip phone and drives away.

You're the Worst
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You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Jimmy: Hey, do you want to get a lap dance with me?
Gretchen: Oh, hell yeah I do!

Scrambled eggs? A dish so pedestrian its name is the recipe?