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Gretchen plays a trivia game with Lindsey and Edgar, who get all the questions hilariously wrong and mispronounce everything. Jimmy uses his laptop and pretends not to be listening to them. Lindsay convinces Edgar to make her a pie, and she comments to Gretchen that ever since Becca's party, Edgar has been all over her. When Gretchen teases Jimmy by purposefully screwing up the names of their guesses to the "Who was the first man on the moon?" trivia question, Jimmy finally breaks and interrupts them.

Jimmy discusses the possibility of a second book with his agent, rambling about other authors who were supposedly paralyzed by second book anxiety. He mentions possibly getting more magazine jobs, while things with his new book are "percolating." The agent mentions it will be difficult to get Jimmy any more magazine jobs after the celebrity It Girl one-night-stand of last season, Megan Thomas, sued him for writing about having sex with her. He suggests several other jobs that Jimmy doesn't seem keen on.

Gretchen wanders into the kitchen brushing her teeth and abruptly shouts for Jimmy in a panic. He runs in and they notice that Edgar is gone and the Bloody Mary bar isn't there (which apparently is there every Sunday). They realize he isn't home and they try to make their own Bloody Marys.

While making the drinks, Jimmy says maybe it's about time Gretchen gets her own stuff and points out that Gretchen is wearing his clothes and using his toothbrush. Gretchen gets defensive, saying she has no space of her own in the house to keep the hypothetical stuff. She points out that she's been keeping her things in three trash bags in the corner. They squabble a bit, with Jimmy acting proprietary about his space and reluctant to make space for her in the places he is currently using.

Edgar and Lindsay return, and Gretchen and Jimmy confront Edgar for being absent and not having set up the Bloody Mary Bar. Lindsay mentions that she convinced Edgar to go with her to buy a "football outfit" so she can go to sports bars and pick up men to get over Paul. She also comments that Edgar is being really nice to her because he sees she's hurting. Gretchen warns her to be careful with Edgar. Jimmy suggests that he and Gretchen accompany Lindsay and Edgar on their return to the mall, so she can buy adult things and he can people-watch to get literary inspiration.

The whole group goes to the mall. Gretchen tries to get Jimmy to hang out with her before she shops, as Edgar and Lindsay go off together. Gretchen and Jimmy wander around the mall, racing mobile scooters, eating all the food samples, making out on a kiddie ride, making fun of other mall-goers, and mocking a children's art competition. 

Jimmy sends Gretchen off to buy her adult stuff while he goes off to do his "work" -- observing the mall-goers and coming up with stories.

Lindsay and Edgar sit in the sports bar. Edgar tries to make conversation with her, explaining football and his vaguely traumatic childhood memories of going to a Raiders game with his brother, while Lindsay just ignores him and scopes out other men. She convinces Edgar to act as a wingman for her, telling him to go talk to a cute guy on her behalf. Edgar begrudgingly agrees.

Gretchen struggles with entering the store, attempting multiple times before freaking out and asking the woman outside if they have puppies and then running off.

Jimmy sits on a bench in the mall, recording terrible and redundant story ideas based on the appearances of various mall-goers. He eventually talks to an overly happy and content security guard, the same man who was Gretchen's overly happy pizza delivery guy from season one.

Jimmy asks him if he would hypothetically take a job writing a novelization of a movie if offered (the job the agent mentioned to Jimmy). The guard misunderstands, thinking it is an offer for him, and excitedly rushes off telling Jimmy to wait there and that he'll be right back. Jimmy spots an interesting looking possibly-homeless man, but is distracted by a flying toy airplane.

Edgar tries to chat up a guy for Lindsay; the guy mistakes him for being gay and tells Edgar he isn't interested. Edgar corrects him, mentioning that Lindsay sent him over. The guy tells Edgar he is gay; Edgar expresses confusion that the guy wouldn't be into him if the guy is gay.

Gretchen finds Lindsay and complains about not being able to buy the stuff, and that Jimmy seems hesitant to make room for her in "his" house. Lindsay gives Gretchen a pep talk, telling her that with "stuff" she will never be lonely and that she needs stuff to stake her claim on Jimmy's house and get all her stuff in the "crevasses."

Edgar, meanwhile, gets a peptalk from the gay guy and another man. They tell him that Lindsay is using him and that he should find someone for himself. They point out a cute cocktail waitress to him and convince him to make his move.

Gretchen deals with "cart paralysis" and blurts out her concerns to a store worker, on the verge of tears, about not having any things and her boyfriend maybe not really wanting her to have moved in. The store worker is alarmed and leaves Gretchen with a checklist for college freshmen, walking away.

Lindsay sits on her own, forlorn and covered in wing sauce. She watches Edgar flirt with the cocktail waitress and demands that the waiter bring her more wings.

Gretchen successfully gets a cart full of adult things and makes it to the check out counter. She chats casually with the sales clerk at first, but then suddenly bolts in a panic, abandoning all of her stuff, when the woman points out that it's a lot of stuff and asks if she needs storage solutions.

Gretchen finds Jimmy, who asks where all her stuff is. She snaps at him, asking why she has to buy all the stuff, to which he responds that it's because she has nothing. She tells him she won't live in the crevasses. The security guard appears and tells Jimmy he quit his job to adapt the movie with him. Jimmy explains it was a hypothetical. The security guard panics, realizing he quit his job for no reason and told his boss off, wondering how this keeps happening to him.

Lindsay calls Edgar over to her house. He asks her how she still has buffalo sauce on her face and tells him she's been thinking about how she can the answer to her guy problem has been in front of her the whole time -- her phone, for online dating. She asks Edgar to take sexy photos of her for her profile. Edgar quickly agrees and when she asks about the cocktail waitress he tells her that he has nothing in common with that girl.

Jimmy leaves a message for his agent Russell to take one of the jobs he offered. Gretchen returns with some stuff, including a silly cat poster, and starts decorating. Jimmy tells her that he built her a nightstand for her stuff, called a Kluf. He agrees to make room for her and they start clearing out his room together.

You're the Worst
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You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Gretchen: We're adults! We can do this ourselves. Well, I know it involves vodka and tomato juice.
Jimmy: Well, we have a tomato.
Gretchen: I'm sure that's fine. Celery?
Jimmy: We have carrots.
Gretchen: Same thing, basically.
Jimmy: Mayonnaise?
Gretchen: Yeah...

Lindsay: I am learning so much from this game.
Gretchen: What, that the National Air and Space Museum isn't named after some guy named Aaron Space?