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In an attempt to replenish their fuel for the long trip to California our survivors fight off a refinery factory full of the undead.

First Mack and Addy need to shut off a clanging noise the zombies are focused on so Cassandra can distract them with a music box. All this in an effort to refuel a gasoline truck while making sure Murphy is safe from harm. He's mankind's only hope remember?

Speaking of Murphy, the zombie bite survivor becomes slightly unhinged and causes a fire which sets zombies and fuel truck alike ablaze.

Good thing 10k managed to fill several containers with gasoline. It's not a fuel truck, but it's better than nothing that's for sure.

Cassandra's past comes back to haunt her when Travis joins the group. He warns her Tobias will never let her go. Who is this mysterious guy and what's his connection to Cassandra? Either way he's not going to be happy when he learns what she's done to Travis.

Meanwhile in the Arctic, Citizen Z fights off a zombie-pooch. He also learns that the CDC lab at Mount Wilson has been overrun. Did Dr. Hastings manage to escape? Were her computer files backed up or is the vaccine research gone forever?


Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

To us it's the apocalypse, to her it's the memories.


That's not a refinery, that's a zombie factory!