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Our survivors have an unfortunate encounter in Amish Country when an orange VW bug pulls up and a gang threatens them at gunpoint.

The thieves want the truck, and rather than risk a shoot out Garnett agrees. The gang is so pleased with themselves they leave their junker behind.

A bit further up the road, the thieves are killed by an innocent looking family who takes the truck for themselves. Everybody wants that truck eh?

The family has no luck either and are soon eaten by Z's leaving Garnett and his friends with their old truck again. "We gotta get off this road" Garnett says.

Back at Northern Light, Citizen Z is going through his database files and he eventually looks up Addy Carver's social media profile. The guy is lonely and her status reads "single," so what can you do? Let the crushin' begin!

Garnett and his team manage to contact Citizen Z from a drive through camera. Z immediately confirms Murphy is alive. Our survivors need some alternate form of transportation. Citizen Z points them toward McLean, Virginia about 20 clicks away.

At what's left of the Emergency Headquarters for Infection Control they will find a working chopper.

Unfortunately, our team arrives to find everyone's dead at the base, totally overrun. A lone sentry greets them, but only Doc is allowed upstairs. The General is wounded and gangrene has set in. Doc tells him the Z virus will soon take over. The General doesn't like the diagnosis and dumps Doc down an air shaft. Inside a chomping Z awaits.

Hearing Doc's screams, Garnett decides they have to go get him. After fighting their way through several Z's, a huge zombie soldier appears indestructible and the only way to take him out is using his grenade. Unfortunately, they toss him in the very same air shaft Doc is in. KaBoom!

Our heroes finally confront the General, only to discover the man is completely insane. A chopper with no helicopter blades? The thing is pure junk. What a wild-goose chase Citizen Z sent them on. The General is attacked by zombie and takes a tumble down the side of the building.

Somehow Doc survived that grenade explosion. In the end everyone's happy, and they head off to the next adventure.

Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Garnett: We're in desperate need of alternate transport. We're looking for an airplane, or a chopper, or a hot air balloon. Anything airborne.
Citizen Z: There is one thing. I've been monitoring some random transmissions from what's left of the Emergency Headquarters for Infection Control. I can hear them but they don't respond when I reply, it's pretty garbled. General McCandle might still be holed up there. You're in luck, I have a visual confirmation on that chopper.

We're on a mission that just might save the human race. This man has antibodies in his blood needed to make a zombie vaccine. We've been tasked with getting him to a CDC lab in California, alive. We need your helicopter.