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Our survivors arrive in Southern Illinois, not far from Roberta's home town and make themselves comfy in a little house with an electric fence.

Citizen Z broadcasts a serious storm warning, with possible tornados forming. He warns anyone listening to get their butts in a bunker.

Roberta wants to outrun the storm but Garnett prefers they get off the road. She never had a chance to say goodbye to her husband and fears what she will learn heading back to Castle Point.

Ever the optimist, Garnett tells her perhaps Antoine survived. Doesn't she prefer to know the truth either way?

Roberta informs the group there's a storm cellar at her house. They will be safe there. She soon spots Antoine's face on the town bulletin board.

Meanwhile, zombie hoards wander aimlessly as the winds begin to pick up speed.

Once inside Roberta's house, they come across a young couple. The man is wounded. A kind fireman told them they would be safe there. Could it be Antoine?

Garnett and Roberta head to the fire station to fetch a first aid kit. She's also looking for closure regarding her husband. It isn't long before Z-firefighters attack. Roberta and Garret expertly take them out. They check each Z looking for Roberta's husband, but he's not among them.

Murphy finally realizes he's rotting after taking a look in the mirror. His hair is falling out in clumps, so he decides to shave his head bald. This way the others won't notice the hair loss. Is he turning into a zombie only slower? Or is her something else altogether?

Once back at the house with the first aid kit, Roberta locks her friends safely in the basement. She's decided to wait out the tornado and join her husband in the next life. Out of nowhere, a fireman appears and uses his body to shelter Roberta from the storm. Was it only a dream? Either way, she has finally made her peace with losing her husband.

However, Z-Antoine staggers away at the end having saved his wife's life.

Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I don't know if they call this thing a turcane or a tornado or what, but if you're anywhere south of Chicago or east of the Rockies I'm issuing a get your butt in a bunker warning.

Citizen Z

Garnett: Does that thing look bad to you? Is that what I think?
Roberta: It ain't sharks.