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Our survivors haven't eaten in two days and need to stock up on supplies. Province Town seems like the perfect option. Hammond had it marked on his map as a resupply place.

Besides, Charlie Garnett knows Major Williams who runs this little utopia. The Major is pleased to see Charlie and offers his group some food, water and a place to sleep for the night. 

Unfortunately, a local preacher named Jacob and his flock had been forced out recently due to their skewed view of zombies and resurrection.

The Major had no idea that allowing three of Jacob's "anointed" followers back in to Province Town was the last mistake he'd ever make. 

It isn't long before the zealots commit suicide and infect the residents of Province Town. All hell breaks loose and the survivors find themselves fighting for their lives. All except Murphy, who realizes the zombies run right past him.

Unfortunately, Charlie, Roberta and the gang are eventually caught and brought before Jacob.

The preacher decides Charlie will be sacrificed first since he spoke up against Jacob. Suddenly, a Z stirs in a cage behind them only it's not a zombie at all. It's Murphy and he's unharmed by the other zombies in the cage with him.

Murphy proves he's the true incarnation of the resurrected and frees the zombies.

Jacob attempts to shoot Murphy, but Charlie blocks the gunshot taking the bullet for Murphy. As the zombies attack Jacob's followers, Charlie lay there dying. He tells Roberta he loves her, as Doc and Mack pull her away to safety.

There was no way Roberta was going to leave there without giving Charles Garnett mercy. She does so, but leaves the preacher wounded to turn.

Citizen Z broadcasts some profound words saying "we got the apocalypse we deserve. But if we're lucky some day this will all be over. I hope so and next time I hope we get it right."

Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Roberta: You look pretty happy for someone who hasn't eaten in two days.
Charlie: Could be worse.
Roberta: Really?
Charlie: We're still alive aren't we?
Roberta: You were always a glass half full kind of guy.

Murphy: I am not one of the resurrected, I'm your messiah.
Jacob: That's blasphemy brother, we can all see you're one of the living.
Murphy: Eight times I was bitten and did not turn. Eight times I was infected by their bloody saliva and yet here I stand before you. And I am here to tell you that he is a false prophet. For I am the true incarnation of the resurrected.