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The group is still heading east through a place called The Great Pile, a wasteland of thousands of cars. 

Murphy tries to connect with Lucy, but she rebuffs him again.

Doc and 10K talk about how he lost Red. 10K is convinced Red is alive.

During their search of The Great Pile, Lucy is captured by two mysterious people, supposedly from Zona.

Warren fights with Lucy's captors, and has visions of a radio tower. Warren kills one of the captors, but the other one flees with Lucy.

Murphy finds Lucy and rescues her from the other captor, who gets attacked and killed by Zs.

Murphy was wounded in the fight, tastes his blood, and has a very strange reaction.

The group encounters a bunch of Enders, and a fight ensues. The Enders stole all of the crew's belongings.

During the fight, Warren walks away from the group.

Murphy demands to know what is up with Warren. 

She tells them about her visions of the black rainbow and the black rain that burns everything to ash.

Murphy insists they stop Warren's quest and go to Newmerica instead. The group reluctantly agrees.

On their way out, they find a Z crawling, covered with all types of weapons. Sarge discovers that the Z is booby trapped.

Sarge disabled the grenade, and they take the weapons.

After a fight with a Z, Warren wanders away from the group again. 

She finds the radio tower form her vision, and clings to it as the Zs mass under her, out of reach.

She looks at her hand, and sees flashes of a hand that looks almost robotic. 

Lucy finds another booby trapped Z, and Murphy tries to get her away from the Z.

Murphy kills the Z, and Warren comes in the nick of time to save Lucy and the rest of the group.

Murphy cuts flesh from his side and eats it, and has another weird reaction.

As they prepare to leave, they receive a radio transmission from Kaya, but no sign of Citizen Z.

Warren tells them about the radio tower, and they decide to follow her east after all.







Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Murphy: I'm still you're father. You know, things change. You changed. Zona cured me.
Lucy: You didn't need to be cured. You weren't some kind of disease to be cured and neither am I!

Murphy: So, Warren. I don't mean to be a buzzkill on your mission from God or whatever it is, but do you have any idea where the hell we're going?
Warren: East.
Murphy: East. But just east? How far east?
Warren: Not sure. For now, as far as we can go.