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Warren hurtles towards an unknown destination, as the rest of the crew worries about Murphy. Warren sees the black rainbow as she drives, including what looks like a computer readout directing her to a destination with a glowing red dot.

The readout tells her to turn right, which she does. The crew is very confused. They careen into the parking lot of a lab named "Bio Mod. Building a Better You."

Murphy vomits up black ooze.

The crew finds a way inside the lab. Murphy begins to fade away, and Lucy bites him in an attempt to bring him back. It works temporarily, but it takes 2 bites. Lucy then shows signs of distress after the bites.

The crew fights off the Zs while Warren disappears to pursue her destiny. She searches the darkened corridors, driven by her compulsion.

Lucy appears to age after biting Murphy, losing her life force.

Murphy begs her to not bite him again.

Lucy senses something is wrong regarding Warren, and they search for her in the lab.

Warren comes upon a door, and somehow knows the number key combination to open the door.

Murphy reluctantly tells Lucy the story of her mother. 

Warren comes to a sealed compartment with a keypad entry, knows the code again, and opens the compartment. A strange cylinder is attached, and Warren unscrews it. Gas overwhelms her, and she passes out.

10K and Sarge search for Warren, and come upon a lab full of grisly Z experiments.

Warren wakes up, and finds the office of Dr. Caligari, the head scientist of the Bio Mod lab. 

Murphy gets worse, and begs Lucy not to save him.

10K, Sarge, and Doc come face to face with a huge Z with multiple arms, and the Franken Zombie attacks them.

Murphy is near death, and Lucy frantically tries to save him.

As the Franken Zombie tries to kill the crew, Warren talks to it, calming it down, asking about Dr. Caligari.

It turns out that Caligari is part of Franken Zombie's body.

Murphy comes to, only to realize Lucy has bitten him multiple times. She is very old, and near death herself.

Warren interrogates Caligari about the cylinder and what happened to him.

He tells her about experiments regarding grafting Z tissue to humans in order to gain their immunity and immortality.

As Murphy consoles Lucy, she dies in his arms.






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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm not dead yet.


Lucy: We have to save him!
Warren: I know what you're thinking, but-
Lucy: I have to try!