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The crew is walking on a deserted road, and find an abandoned truck. As they search the truck, it starts on its own, following them. Warren opens the cab door, and an ear splitting noise brings them all to their knees, knocking them out.

Warren wakes up, standing, inside a wooden box. A siren sounds, and 3 boxes open. Warren sees two strangers fighting over a crowbar. One of the strangers, a woman, kills the other man.

The stranger tells Warren an unknown person or persons instruct them to kill Zs and perform tasks in an creepy building.

Zs kill the stranger, as Warren uses the key they were given to open an elevator. once the elevator, the sound knocks Warren out. She wakes up in the box again. This time, Doc shouts out to Warren. They talk about their predicament.

Doc is moved to another location, and when the boxes open, he is reunited with 10K.

Their task seems to be clearing a toxic gas leak in an industrial room, all while sharing one respirator.

Murphy, Doc, Lucy, and Sarge are in the next trapped group. They talk about what to do next.

10K and Doc continue their task, but must fend off Mad Zs. As 10K fights them, Doc succumbs to the gas.

10K puts the respirator on Doc, attempting to revive him.

Warren has a panic attack while in the box, and Sarge talks her down. 

10K revives Doc, and the gas is shut off. The sound comes again, knocking out 10K and Doc.

10K and Doc wake up, this time in the same box.

Lucy connects to a Z, who releases her from her box.

The crew are divided up into groups of two, each on their own missions. Once completed, the sound sends them back to their crates. 

Warren questions a stranger about The Reset and the black rainbow. He says it's not about Zona, that it's much bigger than Zona.

The sound knocks everyone out, but this time the crew wakes up in a steel jail cell, with a metal chute extending into the cell. A buzzer sounds, and the chute dispenses a huge amount of dry dog food to the crew to eat.

The crew uses the dog food to draw a map to plot their escape.

After the next reset, Warren and Murphy are together. They plan to reach the escape point from the map.

The crew (minus Lucy) find the escape point and make it outside, only to find 6 boxes waiting for them. The sound knocks them out again, and back in the compound they are.

Lucy appears, and breaks out the rest of the crew. They attempt another escape. One of the strangers tries to prevent their escape, releasing Zs on them. 

Lucy gets caught in the melee, and Murphy rescues her. In the process, he is bitten by a Z. Since he is no longer immune, his life is in real danger.

The crew is back on the same road where they were abducted, but this time there is an abandoned pickup. They escape in the truck.

Murphy is dying, and the crew pleads with Warren for guidance, but she is having another vision of the black rainbow as she drives.





Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Lucy: Warren?
Warren: Yes, sweetheart.
Lucy: Do you feel them?
Warren: Yes, but not like you.

Warren: What's going on? What is this place?
Stranger: You don't know? How long have you been here?
Warren: I just got here.
Stranger: Great-fresh meat. Just my luck.
Warren: How long you been here?
Stranger: You lose track of time here-a month maybe?
Warren: I was with five others. Something happened-that sound. And then I passed out.
Stranger: You can't fight the sound. Just do what they want.
Warren: What who wants?
Stranger: No one knows. Just kill anything that moves, and stay out of my way.
Warren: Don't worry.