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The episode begins 2 years after the previous finale, with Warren looking out at a post apocalyptic landscape, with fires raging everywhere, consuming Z's that are bearing down on her. Ashes fall from the sky, engulfing her in flames, burning her to a cinder. 

Cut to a lab, where Warren breaks out of a mysterious white cocoon. She is clad in white, and has long blonde hair. She attempts to escape the lab, but encounters a young girl. The girl screams, and Warren has a vision of the girl being burned alive in the place from her dream. Warren passes out.

Warren wakes up in the lab again, but finds Murphy looming over her. He looks the way he did pre Zombie, with white skin and black hair.

Murphy tells Warren she's been in a coma for two years, and that all their friends are dead. He says they are in Zona, the z-free zone, and are safe.

He takes her on a tour, showing her the land of the wealthy. 

He tells her the vaccine worked, but Warren is skeptical.

Murphy takes Warren to the house of The Founder, the man behind Zona. 

Next scene: out in the real world, where Doc, still alive, finds 10K and Red, who are living in a tent in a tree, away from the rampaging Z's.

Doc tells them about a rumored place called Newmerica, a safe zone in Canada.

Next we see Addy and Lucy, who save a family from Z's. Lucy is now a full grown woman. 

One of the Z's shows signs of movement after being killed with a head shot.

Murphy introduces Warren to The Founder and his minions.

Dr. Sun Wei is alive, and is camping with Marines, waiting for transport to Newmerica.

Doc, 10K, and Red arrive at the camp, reuniting with Mei.

The Founder tells his guests it is time to implement a strategy called "The Reset" to save humanity. Warren is very suspicious.

The Founder made a special dessert for Warren in the shape of a Z head, but she has another vision, and violently destroys it, shocking the guests.

Warren is convinced that something is very wrong, and escapes from Murphy's car. She steals a golf cart, and beats up a few guards in an attempt to escape. She finds a metal door and opens it, only to discover she is on an island in the middle of the ocean, trapped.

Doc and 10K talk about Newmerica, and 10K tells Doc that they lost the child 5K.

Lucy and Addy are captured by Zona troops. 

Warren has another dream while in an ambulance, in the same fiery location, but this time there is a control panel floating above the scorched earth. She sees a huge Devil Ray flying in the sky.

She wakes up when the ambulance stops suddenly. Their old friend Dr. Teller opens the door and tells them to come with him.

The episode ends with Mr. Sunshine, the right hand man for The Founder, doing an experiment on a Z hand, using a chemical gas to burn it to cinders, just like in Warren's dream.











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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Welcome to Zona. Bitchin', right?

Murphy [to Warren]

Murphy: Well, look who's back in town.
Warren: Murphy.
Murphy: Holy zompocalypse, I can't believe it. I never thought you'd wake up.