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The crew says kind words over Lucy's body, then burn her in a funeral pyre. While the group is stopped, Murphy beats a Z to death in a blind rage.

The crew comes upon a broken down carnival, and find a woman lashed to a ride being harassed by Zs. They rescue her, but Murphy wants vengeance against whoever did this to the woman.

Murphy, Doc, and 10K search the carnival, and see two drunk men dressed as clowns.

The woman tells Sarge about how their group formed, as an homage to the Insane Clown Posse rap group and their fans called Juggalos.

Their crew is called Zuggalos.

Murphy, Doc and 10K kill the two clown men, but all are taken hostage by other men dressed as clowns.

The 3 are tortured in sadistic carnival games, while the leader plays an ICP trivia drinking game with Warren.

Doc escapes his bonds, and is chased by one of the Zuggalos.

Warren and the Zuggalo leader have a rap battle. Warren wins, and the Zuggalo leader wants Warren to be his queen.

A wedding ceremony commences, but Warren has a plan to win their freedom.

Mother comes in and breaks up the wedding, arguing with King Clown.

The King wants to ask his father, who is a Z.

Mother and King fight, and Murphy tries to help them solve their differences.

Mother gets electrocuted, dies, turns, and attacks the other clowns. The Warren crew escapes.

Warren apologizes for Lucy, and tells the crew she will follow them to Newmerica.




Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Let's not cry because she's gone, but let us smile because she was here.


Nothing good comes of anything.