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We begin with Kaya hiding from the Zona forces now inside camp Northern Light. The gang is in Green Bay when they hear Kaya's distress call, and break into a TV station to use their satellite in hopes of contacting her.

Flashbacks show what happened at the station on Day 1 of the zombie apocalypse.

During coverage of a plane crash, Zs attack the field reporter.

In the flashback, workplace drama shows the weather caster Carly yearning to be a news anchor, only to be diminished by the old white male anchor called in to head the breaking news coverage.

Kaya sneaks up on a hooded figure and knocks them out, only to realize it's Simon (Citizen Z).

Citizen Z tells Kaya about what happened to him for the last two years.

Flashback again, as the Z attacks are shown on live TV.

The field reporter comes back to the station, turns, and attacks workers in the studio.

Kaya and Citizen discuss their problem. Camp Northern light was an NSA server farm for years, so Citizen Z thinks the Zona crew is looking for information.

Carly runs from her Z coworkers to the roof of the station in hopes of escaping.

Kaya confronts Mr. Sunshine, but hears Citizen Z in trouble, so she allows him to escape in order to help Citizen Z.

Carly is not the roof now, recording one last report. 

Warren and the crew make it up to the roof and kill Carly, who is a Z.

The crew finally makes contact, and Kaya tells them about Mr. Sunshine. The files stolen were labelled black rainbow.

Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Who are they? Zona, whatever that is.


Sometimes Taco Tuesday fights back.