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As the family sorted through old childhood memories looking for anything that could be given to the new baby, Zoey noticed something was wrong between her brother David and his wife Emily. 

She witnessed her first duet and in her words, it was tortured. David and Emily sang at each other Pink's Just Give Me A Reason and expressed a lot of disconnecting emotions. 

David kept telling Emily he had late nights working on a case and Zoey found out he was secretly at the bar with his coworkers. 

After Zoey confronted him she learned that he was having pre-baby jitters. 

While Zoey talked to Emily she accidentally let things slip and made things worst. 

Meanwhile at work after hearing anonymous peer reviews, Leif was hurt by what his peers had said. Additionally, Max was having relationship trouble with Autumn and eventually broke up with her. 

Maggie had a hard time moving on with her business beyond Mitch, but Zoey reassured her that Mitch wanted her to continue her passion. 

Lastly, Simon was having a hard time with his late father's upcoming birthday. He came over for some late-night advice from Zoey and it ended with a cliffhanger. Did they kiss or not?

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