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Zoey and Max finally get together, but their attempts at spending private time continually thwarted by Mo and work problems.

Before they have sex, Max says he doesn't like how Zoey has a window into his mind, so Zoey shares her thoughts to him.

The pair then are intimate.

The SPRQ Point watch is malfunctioning, and Zoey's team is tasked with coming up with a fix.

Leif reveals it's his fault because he didn't want to fall behind schedule, so he skipped the safety check.

Zoey tells him to learn from his mistake and makes the decision to reassign some of the brogrammers and bring in some female coders to help with the 'frat house' vibe.

Max and Mo decide to go into business together, but Mo is reluctant to sign a partnership agreement.

Mo later reveals he started a failed jeans company with his old friend and cut his former friend out of the business.

He doesn't want the same thing to happen with him and Max, but Max says they'll talk about any problems that arise and deal with them together.

Emily's sister Jenna comes to town and is a handful, so Maggie "babysits" Jenna while Emily gets some sleep.

As a gift, Jenna and Maggie watch Miles to give David and Emily a night off.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Zoey: Can we talk about something else?
Maggie: OK, did you and Max finally do it?
Zoey: That’s not exactly the conversation I had in mind, and could you be a little less comfortable talking about my sex life?
David: Ooh, are you talking about Zoey’s sex life?
Emily: Who was it? Max or Simon? Please say Simon.
David: But I feel like Max has put in so much more time.
Zoey: This family needs better boundaries.

Zoey: I needed this.
Max: Me too.
Zoey: No, I mean we have been hooking up for the last five minutes, and I haven’t even thought about my dad once.
Max: Yeah, maybe we should keep not thinking about him. Come here.
Zoey: What I mean to say is this is a nice distraction, you know, after living in heaviness for so long. I could really use a brief vacation, if that makes sense.
Max: Oh, that makes sense, and I’m happy to be your distraction, multiple times. If that’s what it takes.
Maggie: Who’s ready for “House Hunters”? Oh, Max, you’re in here. It’s great. Boys are allowed in here. I mean you’re a man, obviously, which is also great.
Zoey: Mom, do you think we could take a raincheck on TV night?
Maggie: Of course, of course. Have some popcorn in case you work up an appetite for whatever reason. I’m just going to turn the TV up so I can’t hear anything. I was never hear. Bye.
Zoey: Um, so where were we?
Max: I think back in junior high.