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Zoey tries to help Emily address her issues, but Emily isn't initially interested in Zoey's help, wanting to skirt past her feelings of depression.

Zoey and Emily go out to a night club, and Emily breaks down.

Back at Zoey's apartment, Emily confesses her feelings of depression, and Zoey convinces her to tell David and seek help.

From this, Zoey decides to start seeing a therapist.

However, her attempts to help Emily further drive a wedge between her and Simon, who can't understand why Zoey's so insistent on helping Emily and doesn't prioritize their relationship.

Maggie and Deb go out for a night on the town where they gamble, drink, and pretend to be other people.

Maggie later returns to the casino alone.

Mo is excited to meet Perry's children, but Perry worries about introducing them to his new boyfriend so soon after the divorce.

However, Perry later changes his mind and brings his children to church to hear Mo sing.

Max is reminded that he and Rose are just a casual thing, even though he wants more.

He later tells her how he feels, and the pair agree to keep dating even after Rose leaves.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

David: Fine, you’re right. Something is going on with Emily. She’s just very private, and I don’t want to draw any attention to it.
Emily: So just tell me what it is.
David: I have no idea. Come here. Her behavior is all over the map. Sometimes she gets up super early and rushes off to work and seems totally fine. Other times she won’t leave Miles’s side, and she balls during yogurt commercials.
Emily: Well, that could happen to anybody. Have you tried just being direct with Emily and asking her what’s going on because Simon says…
David: Over and over again, but any time I even try to get her to open up she just deflects, and she says nothing’s wrong. And then she starts baking a cake, and I get distracted, and I start eating the cake, and that’s why I’m wearing my house jeans. I don’t know, Zoey. I don’t know what else to do.

Zoey: I feel like something very bad is going on with Emily, and I’m worried about her, but she doesn’t want any help.
Simon: You think Keenan wanted my help? Look, if there’s someone close to you, and they’re in need, you go to them. You say, ‘We are going to work through this together.’ That’s what a coach does, a good coach anyway.
Zoey: All right. I’m gonna go back to Emily, and I’m gonna try again.
Simon: Great, great, you go up there. You be direct. You keep fighting through the play even if she tries to box you out.
Zoey: I don’t know what that means, but I still like it.