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Zoey tries to recreate a cherished memory of seeing a meteor shower with her father as a child, but her various attempts don't go according to plan.

After searching to find someone to go with, she ends up going with Tobin and Leif but misses the meteor shower because she's distracted by Leif's heart song.

Realizing she has to help Leif, Zoey pushes him to give his date Kaia another chance.

However, it turns out Kaia was just using Leif for a job, and Leif is heartbroken.

In trying to help Leif, Zoey misses the meteor shower, but her friends rally around her and they go to stargaze anyway.

Max and Mo's restaurant opening is thrown off course when the fire marshal finds many code violations.

Fortunately, they're able to resolve them and open as scheduled.

At the opening, Max runs into an old friend from camp, who will be in town for work for a few months. The two make plans to hang out sosme time.

Mo hits it off with the fire marshal named Perry, who brings Mo a gift.

At Zoey's urging, Aiden invites David to jam with his band sometime.

David believes it's an audition and is bummed to learn Aiden and his bandmates don't see David as their keyboardist.

David leaves dejected but later comes back and convinces the band to give him a try.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

David: Can you find a friend to go with?
Zoey: I don’t know. I feel like I’ve been relying too heavily on my friends. I feel like all I do is lean on their shoulders and cry about dad.
David: Yeah, I get that. Sadly, the only person I have to cry to is Miles, and all does is cry back. Then we have a really good laugh and I try to explain the appellate process, and I might be going a bit stir crazy.

Young Zoey: Dad, this is so cool. Why are you looking at me and not at the stars?
Mitch: Because, Zoey, seeing you have the moment is the moment for me.