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Simon gives a press conference, calling out SPRQPoint for its racist culture and lack of diversity.

Zoey apologizes to Simon for not realizing there was a problem and tries to rectify thing with a town hall solution where employees can share experiences at work.

This doesn't work, and Danny Michael Davis later asks Zoey to get Simon to retract his statement.

Zoey goes to Mo for help, but Mo tells Zoey she can figure this one out of her own.

Zoey tells Simon the bad news, but Simon decides he won't retract his statement.

Zoey tells Danny Michael Davis they have to do better.

Zoey also suggests Tobin speak out, so Danny Michael Davis and the board know Simon isn't the only one.

Simon decides to resign but changes his mind after Tobin and other SPRQPoint employees across the global speak out about the racist culture.

SPQRPoint promises to do better, and everyone celebrates.

Elsewhere, Max and Mo pitch Danny Michael Davis their restaurant idea and ask him to invest.

He agrees to give them $150,000 but wants Max to talk with the coders on the fourth floor to fix a glitch on the website.

Max and the other programmers come up with a solution.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Honestly, Max, we should hit him up to invest in the company. I mean, there’s no one easier to shake down than a well-intended billionaire with white guilt.


Zoey: Why didn’t you tell me?
Simon: I did try to tell you. I called you right after Danny Michael Davis dropped this on me. You weren’t really listening.
Zoey: I thought I was listening. You said there was a problem with the Chirp, so I assumed it was a coding issue, not, uh, that issue.
Simon: Well, when a Black employee tells you that a tech device is having trouble recognizing people of color, I’d think maybe you could put two and two together.
Zoey: You are right. I’m sorry. I was so focused on coming up with a solution I wasn’t hearing what was behind the problem.
Simon: Well, now you know.