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In therapy, Zoey recalls her first day at SPRQPoint, but things don't go as planned when Danny Michael Davis announces there will be competitions to see who gets hired.

Zoey ends up partnered with Max, and the pair don't get along at first.

However, over the day's challenges, they become friendly.

Things go south when Maggie has a heart attack and needs surgery.

Max encourages Zoey to go to the hospital to be there for her mother, but she can still participate in the competition remotely.

On her way to the hospital, Zoey's Uber driver is Mo.

Maggie has the operation, and everything goes smoothly.

Max then stops by to let Zoey know she was hired over him.

Dr. Tesoro says Zoey's loss story is also a love story about her and Max, and she can't ignore that.

Zoey then goes back to her apartment and runs into Max.

Flashbacks to their first day at SPRQPoint reveal Max was initially hired over Zoey, but Max gave up his spot so Zoey could take it over him.

However, Zoey has no idea Max made this massive sacrifice for her.

Elsewhere, David and Emily reconnect at the hospital.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Max: Can you believe that dude wore a suit for his first day? Someone’s trying a little hard, huh?
Zoey: I don’t know, or maybe somebody’s not trying hard enough.
Max: Oh, I didn’t mean… your suit is very professional. It makes me want to buy a house from you or something.
Zoey: You know what, I don’t care what you think because I’m more interested in being a great coder and being a trailblazer for young women who…
Max: Ooh, SPRQPoint frisbees.

Zoey: You ever have those mornings where you wake up, and everything just feels right in the world?
David: You’ve clearly never defended a woman who went to jail for stealing baby formula. What is with that suit?
Zoey: It’s a big day, so I figured, why not dress to impress. Oh, and this beauty has got it all: outside pockets, inside pockets, pockets in pockets.
Maggie: I think you look great.
David: Or like a congresswoman from Nebraska.