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In an airport in Tokyo, while rifling though Robert's research, Jackson tells Abraham that his father is more confusing then ever. Abraham suggests that Jackson share Robert's research with Mitch. Jackson refuses, even though Abraham wants them to repair the bad start they got with one another. Elsewhere in the airport, Jamie and Mitch are discussing theory again. While Jamie is firm that Reiden Global can be the only culprit, Mitch is still not convinced.
Jackson ultimately decides to share Robert's research with Mitch. Mitch recognizes a list for taxonomy items for leopards in the photos. Jackson is unsure as to why leopards would have been so important to his father. Chloe joins the group to tell them that there is a change of plans, and that they are now headed for Mississippi to investigate the prison break in involving the wolves.
Once in Mississippi, Abraham and Mitch are tasked with catching a wolf to study it. Mitch protests, but Chloe insists. She tells the team that they are working off the books, with fake credentials now that they are no longer tied to a government agency. Chloe, Jackson, and Jamie are headed to the prison to meet with a team investigating the break in.
A security guard at the prison tells the team that there were many wolves part of the attack, but no specific number. Jackson questions how the wolves got through the prison's door entry system, and the guard has no answer. Security footage caught nothing of the wolves entering from the attack. Jackson also notices a lack of scat, or wolf feces, which would be present in an attack such as this, as the alpha wolf would leave feces for the pack to follow. Without feces, there was no leader. The team meets Ben Shaffer, an FBI agent who is investigating the attack. Jackson catches a glimpse of the footage, and sees that Evan is having an exchange with a wolf in the field. Jackson believes that Evan was the wolves alpha based on their submissiveness to him.
Abraham and Mitch go to a local hunting store to gather supplies for catching a wolf. The store is packed, due to a large amount of hunters wanting to catch and kill the new influx of wolves. When Mitch mentions that they want to catch, and not kill the wolves, the pair is rebuffed by the locals who cannot find the logic in doing so. Mitch explains that the wolves are not rabid at all, but no one wants to listen to his intelligence on the issue. The locals want to protect their families first and foremost.
In Antarctica, Wendy and Margaret, a married team of scientists studying birds, see a swarm of bats covering the solar power panels in place. Strange, because bats don't normally live in Antarctica.
Jackson tells Abraham his theory that Evan was the wolves leader. Abraham doesn't think it's possible, and insists that they drink all of the liquor in the minibar. Chloe and Jamie find in their research that Evan used to lead a normal life as fisherman, but that one day during a hunting trip, he snapped, and suddenly proclaimed that all hunters must die. Evan became a different person after that hunting trip.
Jackson lays awake in bed, as does Chloe. She heads to the hotel bar, where Ben joins her for a drink, and hits on her. She brushes off his advances immediately. He calls her out for her French paperwork, as it turns out, he can speak and read French, and knew her excuses to visit the prison were bogus. He wants to know why she is really there. She won't share. She wishes him a good night, and leaves.
Jackson and Jamie are investigating the prison yard. Jackson shares with Jamie that the reason he knows so much about animals not on safari is because he traveled so much with his father as a kid, including a trip where Robert barricaded them into a hotel room because he believed the squirrels were coming after them. They find that the wolves are covering their tracks, and that they dug themselves under the prison fence. Just outside the fence lies wolf prints, and show prints. Jackson tells Jamie that he believes Evan was with the wolves. While she thinks its insane, she also can't argue that it's possible.
Mitch and Abraham are hunting when Mitch's cell phone rings. His ex-wife calls him. Abraham begins to ask about Mitch's ex, but Mitch reminds him that they need to be quiet. They come across fresh wolf tracks, and know that a wolf will be back soon. As they journey on, they seem to be surrounded by wolves, but cannot catch any. Abraham trips, and is met by Evan, who kicks him back to the ground, and pulls out his knife. Mitch runs to help Abraham, sees Evan, and soon they are surrounded by a pack of wolves, all of whom appear to answer to Evan. As soon as he hears gun shots, and the sound of wolves in pain, he forgets Abraham and Mitch, and races toward the howling.
Back in Antarctica, Wendy tells Margaret that she got the bats to leave by creating a flamethrower of sorts and shooing them off. A bat hides on her back, and comes inside with Wendy. The bat attacks them and stops to “talk” to the birds. They beat the bat off, and it dies, but not before burning out the backup power. Wendy looks out the window to find that the bats are back, and once again, covering their solar panels.
Jamie discovered that the last person to visit Evan in prison, and leave the prison alive, was the widow of one of his victims. She goes to interview the widow, and she recounts the bizarre conversation that she had with Evan to Jamie. She wanted to know why Evan killed Daniel. Evan would only push the Bible toward her. Jamie decides to revisit the prison, and search Evan's cell. She finds an envelope with the Bible. She reads the passages that he has bookmarked, and comes across a photo.
Jackson and Chloe are searching the woods, following the wolf tracks. Jackson tries to watch out Chloe, but she insists that she can take care of herself... and immediately trips and falls into a dead animal. Jackson finds a piece of fabric, presumably from Evan's prison uniform. Jackson thinks that Evan killed the animal and rolled around in it as a leadership signal for the wolves. They find a wolf, shot by hunters. They meet up with Abraham and Mitch, who recount what just happened with Evan, and then go retrieve the recently wounded wolf to research.
In Antarctica, Margaret is comforting the birds, promising them that the bats are gone. She places the birds back into their cages, and she and Wendy reminisce over an old mixed CD. Wendy thinks that its possible that the bats wanted them to let he birds free. It makes sense, they wanted to knock out all sources of power. Margaret laughs at her... is she actually saying that all birds are looking out for each other now? They decide to let the birds go, just in case Wendy is right.
Back at the hotel, Mitch begins an experiment on the injured wolf, who has infected blood. Because the wound was fresh when they found him, the wolf must have been infected by a bacteria prior to being shot, which may explain the aggression of the wolves. Using a car battery and some coconuts, Mitch conducts an experiment to see how fast the bacteria is spreading. An experiment that should take a few hours, takes only seconds, and the pot of coconut milk explodes, scattering the group around the hotel room as the hide from the shattering glass. Chloe thinks that the experiment was a success. They know that there is unusual bacteria in the wolves. Ben comes to the hotel room to let them know that they are about to be questioned, because of something Jamie took from Evan's cell, and the team races to pack and get out of the hotel.
As soon as Margaret and Wendy release the birds, and after the bats have cut off their power for long enough that the freeze to death, the bats take off, and leave Antarctica.
Ben and the other local police find a group of dead hunters in the woods, the same hunters who laughed at Mitch and Abraham earlier, but they cannot find Evan. Evan has stolen their clothes, and their car, and is driving away.
Chloe, Jackson, Mitch and Abraham meet Jamie at the airport. Jamie tells them that she has hit the mother load, and shows them the Bible, and the photo. Evan is with another man in the photo... Robert.
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Zoo Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Abraham: I like this Chloe. She's, what do you say, peppery?
Mitch: Yeah, I was never a fan of peppery.

Jamie: Wolf poop is called scat?
Jackson: It is.
Jamie: Wow. You learn something new everyday.