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Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, the plane carrying the Zoo Crew has crashed. A boater picks up Jamie, who has a piece of the plane lodged in her leg. He takes her home, and removes the piece. She rests. 

Jamie wakes up, and cannot walk. She's disoriented, and asks the boater who rescued her who he is, and what happened. He doesn't understand her. She sees snow out the window, and panics, wondering how long she's been there. The man locks her in the room, and leaves. When he comes back to bring her a sandwich, she escapes. She races to the gate to find the reason why her captor is keeping her locked away. Bears surround her immediately out of the gate. 

The animals have taken over. 

Jackson is making videos, much like his father did. The cure was lost in the plane crash. The animal epidemic has progressed very quickly between September and December. Jackson believes that he has failed. 

Mitch is at a bar, drinking, talking to a reporter. She asks him about Reiden cutting a deal with the government. They will hand over the Mother Cell, in exchange for not being charged for their role in the Beast Rebellion. The reporter reveals that they were all asked to sign NDA's, and that Mitch thinks Jamie has died. He is clearly hurt by what he believes is her death. He tells her that Jamie wanted to take down Reiden, and now everything that she cared about is dead along with her.

Abraham is now working with a biker gang that drives people around to keep them safe from the animals. 

Chloe is working with Amelia Sage and the government. They need to create a cure, otherwise their only option is to exterminate all of the animals in the world. They have sent a team to Zambia in an attempt to catch a leopard, as Jackson had told them that they need to do. The team catches one, but the animals are too smart. Birds help the leopards to attack the team, but with Chloe's help, they get away, leopard in tow. 

Jackson is elated to hear from Chloe that the team in Zambia has captured a leopard. Once they are home, they need to create the cure. Jackson is determined to come up with a solution that will administer the cure to all of the animals. Airborne delivery won't work. Jackson has a next door neighbor who has lost a leg to a dog during the animal attacks. Jackson walks into an alley, talking through some notes on how to deliver the cure. 

Abraham is working in transport... he drives officials and takes them home, so that they won't be attacked by animals. He makes a turn, and a rhino stops in front of his car. 

Jackson finds himself running through the alley, trying to escape house cats and dogs (and monkeys?) Jackson breaks into an apartment to find that the owner has been killed by a dog. 

Chloe and Amelia are sitting in a presentation from Reiden Global, who is starting a campaign, Project Noah, that will wipe out the animals, and within 6-10 years, the animals will be back to normal. While the rest of the government is on board with Project Noah, Chloe still isn't buying into it, and has hope for a cure. Amelia says that the cure won't work without a proper way to distribute it. 

Abraham is taking the man he is driving to the hospital for chemo, but the man first wants to stop for a steak dinner, as he knows the chemo will wipe out his appetite. He wants to know why Abe doesn't see his friends anymore. Abraham says that they are a reminder of what happened. 

In the bar, Mitch is playing music on the jukebox, and a group of guys comes in wondering why the bartender's dog isn't in quarantine. They want to kill the dog. Mitch intervenes, stopping them. He begins to drunkenly tell them about love, and how love can be gone just like that. A bar fight breaks out, leaving Mitch on the pool table. 

Jackson is in line at the pharmacy, and overhears a man in line complaining about how many mosquito bites he is getting since the animal attacks. He realizes that mosquitos are the best source to get the cure to all of the animals. If they can inject the mosquitos, they will pass the cure along. Chloe shares his plan with Amelia, but they are too late. The leopard that was captured has been exposed to Reiden Global. 

In the restaurant, Abraham listens to the man talk about RTC... reasons to continue. He and his family made peace with their illness. Abraham realizes that maybe he has a reason to continue, and goes to Jackson. Jackson shares the bad news that the cure is impossible. Abraham asks Jackson how Chloe is, and Mitch. Jackson hasn't spoken to Mitch in weeks. They are saddened. They think that Mitch was in love with Jamie. 

Abraham tells Jackson that he has been thinking about things, after spending time with the dying man. These are times when they need to be together. He encourages Jackson to keep thinking of a solution... he can come up with one. He's Jackson Oz. It's in his blood. 

Jamie's captor gives her a phone. Jamie notices the box that once held the cub under the porch. It turns out that the cub has been with them all along. Her rescuer has been raising the leopard. Jamie calls Mitch. She tells him that she's alive, and they have a tearful phone conversation. She tells him that she has the leopard. 

The Zoo Crew reunites once again. They have a plan. They are going to take a boat to Jamie. Mitch notices that Jackson has a bad bite on his arm that must be cleaned out. 

The Zoo Crew stops the car. They see ahead of them a stampede of animals blocking their way. Elephants, leopards, lions, dogs, you name it. They have no escape. 

The animals race towards the car.

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You know animals love me, right?


They still haven't come up with an adequate name for it, have they? Maybe you should come up with one... that'd put you on the journalistic map, wouldn't it? How about 'The Beast Rebellion'? That's pretty good, no?