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Jamie is back, being tended by Mitch. She's reasonably upset upon learning about Chloe.

Jackson wants to know about The Courier. Now. 

Allison complies. The Courier is a paper. In 1985, the same events occurred.

If nothing else, the papers can tell them what animal they should be looking for next.

Jellyfish. Immortal jellyfish, to be exact.

Oh, and Mitch? He's the new boss.

Allison has some questions about Mitch's work buddy and Logan. She better not be hiding anything about him.

Everyone is still against Dariela. Jackson notices that she's becoming a little friendly with Abe and reminds her she is set to kill him if he goes all pizza face.

Jamie, who doesn't even know Dariela, walks up and punches her in the face. Dariela tries to be the bigger gal, but Jamie turns on her.

Uncool, Jamie, uncool.

Logan asks about Mitch. Complicated.

The team is getting ready to go see the local venom dealer. But not Jamie and Logan, for whom Allison has some questions. 

Duncan, the venom dealer, seems to be a bit of a bust. One of the animals he uses to make anti venom died. He wants the Zoo Crew to go get him another. His own people? Never came back. Off to find a spider they go.

Allison and Jamie get on like oil and water. Jamie thinks Logan is one of the good ones. Allison isn't so certain.

Allison thinks Logan is in love with Jamie.

Dariela asks Abe to tell her he doesn't trust her anymore.

Spiders start to fall from the ceiling. 

Elsewhere, Mitch and Jackson are overcome with the suckers. Mitch realizes he should have let Jackson do it on his own. And Mitch is bitten. He manages to inject himself. Abe is bitten and falls, drops his flashlight into a grate.

Dariela is bitten, injects herself, she runs over to inject Abe.

Somehow, they all make it back to Duncan.

Of course, he's not going to give him the jellyfish. 

A Portuguese Steven Segal is in the room. He wants to know which is Jackson Oz. They all say they're Oz.

Jamie finds a memo Allison wrote with her support for General Davies and the Noah Objective. She's not sure she can trust her.

The Zoo Crew left the spiders out since they thought they'd be ripped off. As they get to work, Mitch starts taking anti venom. Jackson starts beating up on Portuguese Steven Segal and Mitch gets the jellyfish.

Dariela arrives on the scene. Jackson is killing Segal. Is he roiding out? Dariela has a gun pointed on him.

Mitch finally realizes Dariela was the only one there when Chloe died. None of them knows what they would have done in that moment.

Allison tells Mitch Logan checked out, but they have a bigger problem. He agrees. Jamie.

Abe knows Jackson wants to die. Jackson tells Abe the man trying to kill Segal wasn't him. 

Logan wants to stick around and help. Mitch agrees.

Dariela goes to Jamie with something to help with her toe, and tries to make peace. She also says she thinks Logan sticking around would be good for her, because it's good to have someone around who has been through with what you've been through.

Mitch knows there is an unseen gene in every mutated animal that is pretty frakked up. Mitch is calling it the ghost gene since he can't find it. The gas will target that gene, and that's how he'll wipe everyone out with the Noah Objective.

Guess who it is? JACKSON'S FATHER.

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Listen, I got a good thing going here. I work in the lab. I keep to myself. I take naps. Lotsa naps.


Jamie: So this Dariela killed my friend:
Mitch: Look, I don't like it either, but I did what I had to do.