Off To Caraquet - Zoo
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Chloe is not doing well.

When Jamie and Logan get to Caraquet, it's on fire.

Jackson wants Dariela out of the room where they're treating Chloe. He's a bit upset. She's crying. She manages to say Caraquet. Then she freakin' dies. No kidding.

Oh man. While Jackson is crying over Chloe, he notices his tears are black. So...why isn't the liquid around his eyes black?

Dariela tries to apologize to Jackson. She tells him she had to shut the door. There was no other choice. It was Chloe or everyone. Jackson doesn't believe her.

A bear is charging Jamie and Logan. After jumping over a fence, they land at the feet of several masked people.

Jackson is trying to determine what Chloe was saying about the courier. Suddenly, the plane is being flown by someone the ground. They're landing.

When Jamie asks the new people about the fires, a woman says they did it on purpose.

When the plane lands, a woman walks in. Not just any woman, but the owner of the plane, Allison. Mitch's stepmom. 

The people, leader of whom is Drew, acts sweet. IT'S A RUSE.

Allison knew Chloe. Chloe knew of Allison silently working behind the scenes to stop Davies. She wants them to help her save her parents' orchard.

When Jamie gets a shower and dons a sweatshirt courtesy of Gwen, a fellow named David takes offense. Gwen acts all nice as she tries to fix the situations.

There is a substance Allison is calling "glass" around the base of all the trees in the orchard. The trees are soaking it up, putting the fruit in danger. 

In the middle of the night, something slimes its way through the house and makes someone in the house choke to death.

Mitch says it's not glass, and the cellular structure is like skin. He has no idea what it is. On the microscope, it looks kind of like a snake to me, and I'm no scientist.

Back at the house, Bill is trying to get Mitch to see there's "glass" in his mouth. Surrounded by blood, of course. 

Suddenly, a snake starts slithering out of his mouth. Duh. And, poor Bill.

A girl at the refuge tells Jamie and Logan to run the first chance they get. Deciding not to question someone trying to do them a good turn, they do. A doomed trip into the kitchen, some bloody appendages and Drew notes she's happy they have some fight left.

The snake gets out of the cage. It has no desire to attack Jackson. At the home of the crazy pants, those who will be fed to the animals have just been nominated. Jamie and Maddie. My guess? Jamie will now be revealed to be like Jackson.


It's time to share the news about Jackson's DNA with the group. 

Jackson accepts Dariela by way of asking her to stay, and be part of the team. Dariela calls him on his reasoning. She knows he wants her around because if he goes full on Kovacs, she won't hesitate to put a bullet in his head, while his friends will struggle.

Jackson is watching old videos of Chloe. She never stopped believing she could fix this problem, and now she'll never see things through.

The bears (six polar bears, to be exact) are hungry. Maybe. Logan has created a bit of a diversion, blowing down the fence. Hilariously, the bears aren't even moving beyond a snail's pace.

Jamie decides that Gwen is the weakest link, and leaves her outside the bus in which they're hiding. Buh bye Gwen.

Dariela is the first of our group to reach them. Jamie looks right past her. She spots Mitch. They're soon in each other's arms.


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Zoo Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Mitch: Somebody else want to step in now?
Jackson: I do. We've been flying around on your step mother's plane, and you didn't bother to tell us?

Abe: I'm sorry, but when I look at you now, all I see is the fact that Chloe is no longer with us.
Dariela: And I have to live with that.